Login Problems to Members Area

If you are having login problems check to make sure:

1. You are correctly entering your username and password. They are case sensitive.

2. Make sure your caps lock is not on.

3. Review log-in methods

4. Internet Explorer problems:

The following was furnished by our software vendor:

General Information

Microsoft has very recently released a security patch whereby the standard format for sending username and password information through an HTTP URL has been removed from I.E.'s list of capabilities. This directly effects AdPass v6.2, as our script relies on this technology to ensure that users can be logged into the AdPass system properly using the HTTP login form.

Please keep in mine that any script using htaccess is effected by this change, not just AdPass v6.2. This is not a bug in our script - Microsoft has taken this action on its own free will leaving developers to search for an alternative solution.

What does this mean?

Currently, it means that any user who is using the I.E. browser with the latest patch installed and who is attempting to log into your web site through the AdPass v6.2 login form will not be able to accomplish this task. The only way around this currently is to direct the user directly to the directory and allow him/her to log in through the htaccess login screen which automatically pops up.

Are you working on a solution?

Ascad Networks is working to find a way around this, whereby the HTTP login form can be used to log into a protected area, however we can not assign a time range for its release. Please note that this currently only effects the absolute newest version of I.E., so this feature is still available on other browsers, including I.E. "knock offs" such as Avant Browser.


If you are having problems with Internet Explorer do this:

In the address bar of your browser type http://www.bdemo.com/Members/

Internet Explorer will provide you with a login window to type your Username and Password. This should allow you to gain access.

If not email bdemo@netins.net and put login problems in the subject window.

4. We have not had complaints where other browsers such as Netscape, Safari, Mozilla and others have been mentioned.