Dan Roberts, Director of Support Services for Davis County Schools, said Friday all Davis County students will be able to get free school lunches until Dec. 31 or until funds run out.

“The summer lunch program under USDA has been extended,” he said. “The goal now is to get everyone on board.”

Roberts is encouraging the parents of all Davis County students to go to the schools’ website, www.dcmustangs.com, take the survey and sign up for the program. Participation in the program is not dependent upon income.

Roberts said people can contact the school for assistance in filling out the form if necessary. “We want to get everyone signed up,” he said. “Call 664-2200, ext. 1133 if you need help.”

Roberts said menus under this program would be no different than before.

While in the hybrid learning model, meals will be bussed to the homes of the B students who are learning at home while the A group is in school and vice versa.