By David Birdsall

It was our privilege to import our daughter, her husband and six grandchildren from Perry over Labor Day weekend to pick apples for us. We had only two trees that produced much fruit, but both those amazed us. They are both 17 years old, and this year did not get pruned. But the Lord must have given perfect weather for their benefit, because the Jonagold yielded 100 gallons and the Fuji bore 75. These numbers were on top of the ones that fell on the ground and were fed to the deer. We were astounded. The spraying regimen must have worked, for they all were good quality.

While our family was here, a Chickering/Birdsall reunion at Drakesville took place Saturday evening. So, our visiting family got to meet many of their cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews…a rare benefit for them. The reunion was arranged by Mike and Diana Rysdam and their three daughters and families.

Whereas apples were a great success for us this year, not so our potatoes. We struggled to control the potato bugs, and then weeds took over. Therefore, the volume was pathetic and the size of the spuds very small. The de-leafed vines died early, so we kept mowing over the patch, causing digging problems. (We had trouble finding where the rows were as we dug them, so the spade hit far too many.

The Floris Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department annual fish fry is coming up Saturday, September 18, 5 to 8 p.m. at the Fire Station.

This is a wonderful time to visit while we enjoy a community gathering, and it’s a major fund-raiser for our firemen. We are looking forward to the feast and fellowship. We greatly appreciate the protection our firefighters provide for our vicinity.

Alert for the Bloomfield High School Cass of 1953: We are planning a get-together at Southfork of nearby alumni and spouses (or any other family members). It is to be at 5 p.m., Tuesday, September 21. Order from the menu when you arrive in the south room, then expect a great time of visiting.

Russell Bales is now home in Floris from the Iowa City hospitals, and Ben Post is back home in Ottumwa after two weeks of therapy following surgery. We praise God for answered prayer for both men who mean so much to our Floris Co-op Dinner monthly meetings. And it must have been providential that I met Ione Friend in Brothers Market last week. For she wants to return to our Co-op dinners. She and her husband, Pastor Richard Friend, were faithful attenders years ago when Richard pastored Bethlehem church east of town.

Ione is gifted as a ventriloquist, a ministry she used often as a pastor’s wife.


By Deb Baughman

The Corn Show was surely a big success. Our thanks to all the volunteers who made it so, and continue to do it every year. If not for Jerry Robison and all his helpers there would probably not even be such an event any more. He deserves to be commended big time. I also commend him for being patriotic and playing the anthem during the festivities.

Saturday was a busy day, with the 5k run and lots of walkers, joggers, runners, even babies being pushed in strollers. Jill Osenbaugh Carothers, Pulaski’s most famous runner, was a participant. The weather was perfect, not too cold, not too hot. Then the morning events, baby contests, cute princesses and all the rest, which I missed.

We always enjoy a parade and get teary eyed at the flags, color honor guard, and the DC bands. The Veatch family had a great float, which isn’t too hard when all their little kids are so beautiful. And then afterwards the park was filled with many, many little kids all over the place, playing coin toss and matchbox games and on the playground and in the corn box, which replaces a sandbox. I don’t know why kids love playing in the corn but they sure do! I don’t remember seeing that many littles in the park before, running around barefoot and fancy free. The kiddie tractor pull is fun to watch, and they all try so hard! And the big tractor pull was going on too. Roger Berkowski said it was his first time to win a first in his tractor pull class. Does the audience cheer them on like they do at the kiddie pull? Little kids pulling over 240 pounds, wow!

The only thing missing was corn in the depot. It seemed strange not to look at the tallest cornstalk or biggest ear or best ears. I was told it was too early for the field corn, and that must be the reason. There was a gorgeous big pumpkin entered in the depot though, which I would love to have on my step.

Does anyone know what happened to all the basketball trophies that were in the depot? Some were from the days when Mike’s father played ball at Pulaski High School.

The entertainment was great, and the James Carothers band was super. We will hear more from that guy!

Of course, the best part of the whole thing is seeing friends, neighbors and former students and finding out what they are doing these days. I saw friends at a distance but didn’t get a chance to visit with them, including former Pulaskians. Hope you got to see Evelyn Schindler, who has probably never missed a corn show for many years. Remember when it was held on Mainstreet in the old bandstand with John Hartzler as emcee for years? Someone said they have been to Corn Shows when it was very cold and some when it was very hot; I remember ones when it snowed. I prefer warming, thank you.

It seems like a big topic of discussion in a crowd is health and health problems. Some have had COVID, or mono, or heart problems, bad knees and hips or whatever. It could be that we have heard about nothing else for a year, or that yours truly is in the age group when all that stuff applies to us more. At any rate, I just wanted to give a big hug to so many people but I restrained myself. Here is a literary hug to you all.

Meanwhile the Burns family has had a slew of weddings and a new baby lately, more on that topic in the near future.

I attended a three-day paintout at Amana over Labor Day weekend. The art show and dinner were at the new Hotel Millwright, which is a very nice place, in the old woolen mill. The event is put on by Catiri’s Art Oasis, and there were 45 artists this year, including many who have been to Bloomfield’s event. It was good except for rain all day Friday, which doesn’t make for fun painting outdoors. But we persevered, and there was a lot of super artwork created in those few days. Lots of sales too. There was a dog show and other events as well in town, so there was a crowd.

Snow next week, get out your stocking caps, ha! Just kidding, I hope.