By Andi Bogert

A joint effort between the City of Drakesville and the Drakesville Betterment Committee added a new roof and gutters to the city park bathroom and shower house. Labor was provided by Adam Sampson.

Thanks to DC Mustang high school class for working at the Drakesville Park for Mustang Pride Day. They cleaned up the park and painted.


By Donna Olinger

If you are driving west into Troy the steeple on the Troy Academy catches your eye. Many mistakenly think it is the steeple on the United Methodist Church. Work to restore the Academy Building is in the plans and hearts of several people who are devoting their time and effort for this cause.

2 Corinthians 5:20, “We are ambassadors for Christ, since God is making His appeal through us.” This verse and the reflection in the Upper Room devotional captured my attention last week. The thought for the day was “How will I represent Christ today?” The devotional goes on to ask if we treat those we interact with in a way pleasing to God. “Do we treat store clerks and service workers with respect and try to make them feel appreciated and valued? Do we represent Christ well every day and in every way?”

I am sure that even though I try to model my behavior to be Christ-like, I fail many times. Several years ago the WWJD initials were taught in Sunday Schools and Bible Vacation Schools by many churches. “What Would Jesus Do” is the question we should ask ourselves in every situation. After we accept Jesus as our Lord and savior we represent Him in everything we do, with every person we interact with.

Accept the challenge to be more like Jesus.

Join us for worship Sundays in Cantril at 9 a.m. and Troy at 10:30 a.m.


By Deb Baughman

Our little town was well represented over the weekend at the Riverbluffs plein air event in Canton and Hannibal, Mo. Two days of hot and windy painting found Gin Lammert winning first prize Saturday at Canton with a pastel painting, and Deb Baughman won first Sunday at Hannibal with a watercolor of tugboats docked along the Mississippi. There were 26 sunburned painters in the competition. The best part of the events is meeting up with painter friends from previous years who had very few events to attend last year. Also Hannibal is home to former Bloomfield resident Lissa Van Cleave Biggs, daughter of Bill and Sharon Van Cleave. She and daughter Lucy came to the exhibit and surprised me. She has taught there for 14 years and her family enjoys the town. She saw Davis County car tags and had to check us out.


By David Birdsall

Wednesday’s rain was a great blessing, in our opinion, for the Floris area. We measured 1.55 inches, and it came when the April totals up to then were 2.20 inches. Most of that had fallen April 8-11, so we had had a fairly long dry spell, which had allowed farmers and gardeners like us to get things done in preparation and planting. But now our potatoes will be able to show up, as well as the beets, lettuce, radishes and spinach we had in for a long time. And, it will be nice not to have to water the new strawberries and the onions. Therefore, April, the month of showers, ended with 3.75 inches, which looks good on the records, and even better in actuality.

We have noticed that our nephew, Doug Chickering, started his planting with soybeans this year. And that was just prior to the Wednesday rain, so we should be seeing them showing up soon. And it did not take long for the rain to bring up asparagus. It and the grass really popped up since Wednesday.

I’m trying something new in gardening this year.  Tilling in clover seeded last fall on one of the three plots will probably happen Monday. That will be the sweet corn, green beans and melon area for 2021. And the fallow plot will contain plants seeded in early July to overwinter and become next year’s later crops. I went to get the seeds for that from Emanuel Troyer southwest of West Grove. They contain deep-rooted radish, which will penetrate subsoil, and other things, which will add fertility and humus. Some of these things, new to me, are probably long-time practices for the several avid gardeners who live right in Floris. We can see that they have soils prepared and some things are up.