By Donna Olinger

“In the beginning God created the sky and the earth.” Genesis 1:1. The first book of the Bible is a book of beginnings. God wants us to know where we came from. As humans we are interested in our ancestry. Our curiosity is aroused when we hear the stories of how our grandparents overcame heartaches and hardships. We become very interested in the early lives of our relatives and enjoy the stories of the very beginning of life as we know it. As we study the book of Genesis we realize that in the ultimate act of creativity God formed the sky and the earth out of nothing. Sin entered the world through the wrong choices of the very first humans. In the Garden of Eden God set in motion a plan for our redemption.

We just finished the Christmas season of 2021. The story of Jesus birth is still fresh in our minds. Genesis also tells us God promised Abraham to bless him and make him a blessing to all people. Jesus is the fulfillment of that promise.

As you study the first book of the Bible you will realize Genesis is a book of beginnings. Learning where we came from will teach us a lot about where we are going.

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