Amish Community

By Delbert L. Beechy

Summertime seems to be the time for traveling and appreciation suppers, etc. Last Friday evening JR Feeds had their supper with a large crowd. A barrel train was used to give rides to little ones. It had five cars made of 50-gallon plastic barrels. They were cut out so that someone could sit in them. A pony was hitched to it, a popular attraction.

Last weekend Ernie Kauffmans, along with their two children living here and families, Alvin’s and Freeman Schwartz’s spent the weekend at Ava, Ill., with their son and brother Will and family. Will had his 40th birthday and the rest of the children from elsewhere were also there.

All of the Dan Kauffman family siblings attended the funeral of Uncle Henry Hershberger at Goshen, Ind. on Tuesday. Those going were Eli Masts, Junior Beechy, Ernie Kauffmans, David Wayne Schrocks, Marvin Troyers and David Kauffman. Henry was married to Mrs. Aries’ sister Susie.

On Saturday the Troyer siblings’ picnic was held at Lake Fisher. This is the first year that Grandpa Andy and Emma didn’t make it. Several games of brisk softball were enjoyed.

Mervin Kauffmans of Vevay, Ind. are in the community visiting home folks Ervin Jay Masts and David Kauffmans and attended the Troyer picnic. Plans were to help finish dad’s new house and help them move in on Wednesday.

A meeting involving liability claims among our community was held at Cadiz, Ky. This week those going were Bishops Ernie Lambright and Melvin Schrock. And I understand that all the board members went along.

On Tuesday morning word was received of the passing of Esther N. Troyer at Windsor, Mo. She was the youngest sister of Andy Troyer here at 78 years, and an aunt to my wife. People will remember her as a cripple from polio from back in the 1950s. She used a cane and walker to get around, and used a wheelchair in later years. We appreciated her good personality and friendly smile. Funeral arrangements are made, which is Friday.

We have rain today, the 15th, which is St. Swithin’s Day. When I was young they said 40 days of rainy weather if it rains that day. It still depends on the weather!


By David Birdsall

We congratulate the Mustang softball team for their very successful season this year. It is a great privilege to have two of the team from Floris, Madeline Barker and Kaitlyn Olinger. Evidently, they surprised everyone for winning games they were predicted to lose during the latter part of the season.

Heavy rain has again popped up in our area, raising Soap Creek to near flood levels. Last Thursday morning during the wee hours we logged 2.1 inches of rain before the 7 a.m. measurement. We can just imagine what it is doing to the Davis County Fair.

We usually attend, but did not this year because of my lameness and pain. We did see our Nurse Practitioner last week to ask for a referral to a specialist in the Mercy One system in Des Moines who can set up surgery to stop the pain now being experienced.

At church here in Floris Baptist, we are moving from a successful VBS and Junior Camp in June and July toward an August full of more opportunities. Pastor Brad and Marie Hansen just returned from a week of vacation during which they witnessed the baptism of their oldest Illinois granddaughter. They came home refreshed.

While they were gone Missionaries Nate and Becky Rueck came for a visit to Becky’s parents, allowing us to see them again. They served Thailand from a two-year furlough base and are now in Indiana. While pastor was absent, our son-in-law, John Huggins, filled our pulpit.

August 1, on a Sunday evening, we are looking forward to the musical group, “Farmhands” coming for the evening service at 6 p.m.

Three weeks later missionaries Bob and Eileen Edmondson will be here for the whole day, August 22. The next week, the elder Ruecks’ son, Andrew, and family will present their new field of service. That will be all services, August 29.

We received a phone call reminding us that in front of our church is a box designated for helping folks with food needs. So, we encourage Floris residents to donate non-perishable items by placing them in the box in front of one of the church doors. Canned goods; jars of peanut butter, pickles, jams; packages of chips; bottled drinks; etc. are some ideas.

The Bloomfield Methodist church is the sponsor for this project. The person calling us stressed that it can be used by anyone, whether needy or just for convenience.

For example, if a family planned for hot dogs, and found they had no baked beans to go with it, they could stop to check if there was a can of beans in the box, saving a trip to a grocery store. Who knows; there could also be a package of chips in the box. Such could easily happen in Floris since we no longer have a gas station, which carried grocery items such as pizza, tenderloins, candy and pop.

So, whether to give or to get, let us use that box at the top of the hill up from the Post Office.


By Donna Olinger

Troy United Methodist Church was honored to have Sara Lawson de Gonzalez and Jose Maria Gonzalez as they renewed their wedding vows on their first anniversary July 17. It was a wonderful much deserved celebration as the Covid pandemic had complicated their plans many times. Carla Hill made the beautiful, tasty cake for the reception and the soft serve ice cream was delicious. The weather cooperated as family and friends witnessed the ceremony.

Sunday Morning, July 18, those celebrating anniversaries were Lonnie and Sue Lawson, Jim and Julie Garrels, and Sara and Jose Maria.

In the Cantril and Troy churches we continued our journey through Luke as we heard the message Dr. Luke, the author, recorded what John the Baptist proclaimed over 2,000 years ago. John the Baptist began his ministry and called people to repent of their sins. John was a humble man who submitted to God. Not concerned with his own popularity, he knew that his ministry was to point people to Jesus Christ. John the Baptizer is a powerful example of a called man. John seems to have had from the very beginning a vivid sense of destiny, the result of a heavenly assignment that came from deep within.

To those who questioned him regarding his feelings about the growing popularity of the Man from Nazareth, he likened his purpose to that of the best man at a wedding.

Luke quotes John’s words from the book of John 3:29. “He who has the bride is the Bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears Him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice.” The purpose of the best man is simply to stand with the groom to make sure all attention is focused on the bride and groom.

That is what John did, he steered the throngs of people to Jesus. To see the crowds headed to Christ was all the affirmation John needed; his purpose had been fulfilled. Today each and every Christian should point people to Jesus Christ. Who are the people God is placing on your heart to pray for? When God speaks, listen.

Join us Sundays for worship. Cantril at 9 a.m. and Troy at 10:30 a.m.