By Carol Howard

The Crosslines Center had their monthly meal the last Tuesday in July with roast pork and trimmings being on the menu. There was a good crowd this month with a total attendance of 40 present and 10 carryout meals. The next meal will be August 27.

Music in the Park is scheduled for this coming Saturday, Aug. 17. The food starts at 5:30 p.m. and music at 6:30 p.m. The Mike Freshwater family and friends will be the musical entertainment for the evening.

The Neighborhood Watch group is planning refreshments and a movie to finish out the evening. Bring your lawn chairs and plan to spend the evening at our local park for a fun evening of hometown entertainment.

Tammy Kirby, Randy Welch, Ann Johnston and Lindsey Barber, along with other numerous volunteers, are hard at work putting the finishing touches on the first Moulton-Udell Back to School Bash. It will be at the M-U School August 20 from 5 – 8 p.m. The students can meet their teacher, have a free haircut, get free school supplies, have a free vision, dental, and lead screening, rent an instrument and learn more about other resources that are available in our small but mighty community. There will be representatives from over 20 different groups, organizations, churches and other resources in our area set up in both the old and new gym areas. The local Fire Department is going to be having demonstrations on the fire training Stop, Drop and Roll. The Fairview Church of the Brethren Church has just stepped forward to offer a meal of hot dogs and chips for the evening. A representative from the Iowa Food Bank, Ms. Christina Marie from Ottumwa will be present with fresh produce available.

Even if you do not have children in school there are school supplies donation boxes around town. (One of the local Girl Scouts troops made these boxes possible.) This is a way for our community to show support for the children and their families and to welcome newcomers into our community. It is also a way to gain volunteers and support for our organizations. If you have always lived here, it is hard to realize that everyone does not know about the Garrett Memorial Library, the Farmers Mutual Telephone Company and their terrific broadband service, or that the local PEO group offers scholarships each year, our 4-H clubs, scouting organizations, A-Club, and SCPC. Promote your community.

Joan Davis reported this week that word was received that the Moulton class of 1950 lost a classmate, Shirley Bowers Bogle. She lived most recently in the Dewitt area. Her parents were Truman “T.A.” and Oma (Raines) Bowers.

This week has been another sad one for me personally with the loss of another good friend. Mark Bader passed away at the age of 68 years. He was married to my best friend, Janna Rupe-Bader. They were both raised in the Bloomfield area, but married and moved to Wisconsin where Mark went into the family feed business. Janna was the daughter of Archie and Joanne Rupe of Bloomfield. The Bader family also recently lost their brother Jeff in January. They had lots of connections to the Davis County area. (Ever wonder where the name Bader Street came from?) It is a long story maybe for another time.

On a closing note do something on your Happy List/or Bucket List this week! “Change your thoughts and change your world.” — Norman Vincent Peale

Community Calendar:

Aug 13 and 15: M-U School Registration, 4 to 8 p.m.

Aug 17: Music in the Park. Food starting at 5:30 and Music at 6:30 p.m.

Aug 20: Back to School Bash, 5 to 8 p.m. at M-U School


By David and Phyllis Birdsall

Months roll along. Last month our rain gauge totaled 3.68 inches of rain for July.

The beginning of this month marked the one-year anniversary of our pastor’s ministry here. The church celebrated with an ice cream social Sunday evening, August 4, after church. We included in that time recognizing our missionaries, the Nathan Rueck family, for they left the next day for furlough lodgings in Indiana. They will be operating out of Warsaw, Ind. for most of the rest of their one or two year furlough. Their son and daughter-in-law are both enrolled in a training institute in Missouri, close enough that we may see them occasionally. September holds special promise for our family with the expected arrival of our missionary daughter, Eileen, and her husband, Bob Edmondson. They will minister at our church September 8. Also, we anticipate the return of the Floris Co-op dinners that month. Wednesday, September 4, at noon we trust to launch a several-month stretch of those community get-togethers again.

Last Sunday morning we enjoyed a vocal solo from a visitor from Cedar Rapids. Renee Downing, visiting her mother-in-law with husband Jeff, sang “My Tribute” in her lovely soprano voice while Marilyn played for her. Another son of Marilyn’s was also present with his wife. Ken and Betty Downing, from near Peoria, Ill., have been here several times previously. His occupation involves transplanting trees with a tree spade, which to me is a most interesting operation. He can even move quite large trees with the bigger of two spades he operates. And such trees hardly show signs they have been moved, for most roots and much soil is transported with them.

What a wonderful story that was in last week’s paper of the dog saving Jackie Lauer’s life from a house fire! That is far more special than our dog story. But we did have a dog story of our own. One early morning we had a large friendly dog on our front door step. He was obviously tired out and shivering from being wet. But he stayed right there through the day. We could tell he was young by the color of his teeth. We expected that he would go home, so we just left him alone, occasionally talking to him. Nearing the end of the afternoon, we tried read his collar so we if we could contact his owner, since he had not left yet. We found his owner’s name was Bailey Harward, so we tried to find her phone number. We did not know her parents’ name, but called someone whom we thought would know. She contacted Bailey, who was at work. Bailey phoned her mother, and mother came to get the dog. Meanwhile, we had sought to go to Ottumwa, but while Phyllis was getting in the car, the dog slid in behind her, taking up the front seat. He would not leave. So we awaited Bailey’s mom, who had no trouble getting him out of the car and into hers. The puppy must have followed Soap Creek upstream, for the Harwards live northeast of Floris a few miles and we live Northwest two miles. Anyway, they were very happy to see each other. It was a happy ending to our story.

Then there was the doe that caught her head in the corner of our carport iron bracing post. She killed herself threshing there, so we called the sheriff to know what to do. They recommended we call the DNR, whose Des Moines line had been disconnected. So we dragged her back out using our riding mower and took her carcass where the crows and buzzards could clean her up. The animal stories decline from that point…a stray squirrel in our yard (We are half a mile from any woods.), a deer leg left by our mailbox (from the doe I hauled away?), Bob White singing from somewhere in our farmstead, a pheasant family crossing the road, and various songbirds at our feeders.

John and Katy Wemmie and family spent a few days in Northeast Iowa fishing for trout, camping there with their three children, Anna, Laura and Alex.

 I recently telephoned Dee Altheide to find out whether or not there was a get-together of rural school attenders. She said that the August meetings which had been happening had been discontinued for lack of leadership. Therefore, we contacted a man and his wife in Ottumwa who had asked us at our last Floris Co-op to enquire for them. They were interesting meetings, although we went to only two of them. I think I recall hearing then that at one time Davis County had over 100 rural school districts and schools such as both of us attended kindergarten through eighth grade. Mine was Bunker Hill east of Floris, Phyllis’ was Pleasant Hill northwest of here.


By Donna Olinger

Walking by Faith was the sermon title for Cantril and Troy United Methodist Churches Sunday August 11. We hear the term faith so frequently we grow immune to its great depth of meaning. What does faith actually entail?

All people have faith. It is with faith that we sit in a kitchen chair without first checking its strength. Belief in a piece of furniture is quite different from entrusting our life to almighty God. What is a biblical definition of faith? Hebrews 11:1 tells us that it is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” We know that it is impossible to please God without faith. What’s more, faith is nothing we can create within ourselves. Scripture is clear that faith is a gift from God. (Ephesians 2:8)

A wrong judgment in the strength of a chair may result in a physical bruise, but our faith in God, or the lack of faith, determines not only our success in this life but also our eternal destination.

Leo Ornduff celebrated a birthday August 10. Richard and Ida Glattfelder celebrated their sixty-first wedding anniversary also on August 10. Leo and Ida are brother and sister.

The flowers Gloria Bailey and others are tending at church are maturing into beautiful plants.

We invite you to worship with us. Cantril 9 a.m. and Troy 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings.


By Andrea Bogert

The Drakesville United Methodist Church held a going away party for our pianist, Joshua Harrington. He will be attending college in California. The cake was decorated with music notes of the song “Amazing Grace.” Aaron Gingerich will now be the pianist now and, of course, we’ll continue to have the services of pianists Debbie Bailey, Mary Stocker, and Kay Proctor.

My oldest sister, Donna Smithhart, celebrated her 90th birthday on August 4 in Ottumwa. She celebrated again on August 8 at South Oak Towers where she lives. There were eight of 10 Helmick siblings in attendance: Pat from Kansas, Sara from California, and the rest of us from Iowa. Sara is then heading to Texas to see our brother Dave, and he will put her to work in the garden!

Kevan Bogert’s mother, Madalyn, is in rehab in Iowa City following heart surgery. She would appreciate getting well wishes. Her address is Madalyn Bogert, Oaknoll, #1 Oaknoll Court, Room #140, Iowa City, IA  52246.

The Drakesville Oval Car show will be held on Saturday, August 24. Check-in 12-1 p.m., show from 1-5 p.m. Sponsors are Paradise Productions, LLC, Spilman Auto Parts, Ray’s Longbranch, Quik-Time, Go Gourmet, and Drakesville Betterment Committee.