By  David Birdsall

This extreme weather has certainly had its effects on us all! We just had to call for more propane from Hamilton’s, for the tank was below 30 percent. And more bird species have shown up at our feeders, namely a red-headed woodpecker, a hairy woodpecker, and two house finches. Our church has had to postpone the annual “February Feast” to a week later. Now it is scheduled for Friday evening, February 19.

Floris Baptist Church has been praying for a co-worker of Donald Chickering’s, namely, Tom Derby for Tom’s health needs. But we were saddened to hear that his parents’ trailer house burned to the ground, killing his father, Larry Derby, and sending his mother, Marjena to Iowa City with serious burns. And now both Donald and Judy Chickering have contracted the COVID-19 virus. Their son, Bryce had it earlier, and was able to go back to school last Wednesday for the first time after his quarantine.

Prayer continues also for Leila Waller, wife of Keith, our Floris Fire Chief. She has had cancer for several months now, but has entered a more serious stage, charging us with even more prayer support. Her care has affected her husband’s ability to be at fire calls. One such fire call was the one for the Derby family. Keith’s son, Bruce took charge of that one.

But, when Keith called the other day, he also had some good news to share. They had an exercise at Lake Fisher on the ice Saturday, February 6. Five guys from the Floris Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department attended. Keith said the ice on the lake was eighteen inches thick, too thick for their 15-inch chain saw to pierce. They also have a new fireman, Josh Kirby, who operates Kirby Wrecker Service, north of town. Chief Waller says he is happy to have a full staff now of quality people. And they have been given another fire truck, this one a used, 4-wheel-drive brush truck, donated by a Floris area resident.

Church prayer also includes interceding for missionaries. Recent answers include a woman who flew back to Honduras Feb. 11 after being in the States for health needs since last summer. And a couple from Africa made it safely to Des Moines Feb. 6, where he needs back surgery. Meanwhile, they are happily living with their son and his wife and two young granddaughters. They also have three daughters in the Des Moines area.

If the weather clears in time, we must to be able to hold another Floris Co-op Dinner, Wednesday, March 2 at noon at the Community Hall. Watch the news for this next week for an update.