By David Birdsall

The last few years, it seems to me, the weather has cycled every few days: wet and dry, cold and warm, windy and calm. Such was the case for us again last Thursday, when record-breaking high temperatures were all over Iowa. Here the day was also very windy, in contrast to a few days of calm just prior to that. Then Friday was opposite, starting with cold at dawn and rain moving in about 2:30 p.m.. It necessitated my putting out our rain gauge to catch the rain, and then remove it right away when it started icing. It seems as if the old axiom is right: “If you don’t like Iowa weather today, just wait until tomorrow, for it will change.”

Floris Baptist Church held its annual business meeting and election of officers for the year last Wednesday, January 8. Many were not able to attend because of a rash of colds and flu-like symptoms, but we had a profitable meeting just the same. Officers serving for 2020 are as follows: Deacons:  Donald Chickering, John Wemmie, David Birdsall, Paul Wemmie; Trustees:  Tim Hale, Dan Chickering, Butch Hale; Treasurer:  Katy Wemmie, with assistant Brenda Comer; Clerk: Judy Chickering, with assistant Kay Chickering; Sunday School Treasurer:  Marietta Huggins, with assistant Phyllis Birdsall; Ushers:  Tim Jackson, Tim Hale, Butch Hale, Sam Saffell, Gus Walker, Bryce Chickering.

Pastor’s wife, Marie Hansen, is holding weekly ladies’ Bible studies in her home each Thursday at 1 p.m. And, coming up is the second annual adult party on Valentine’s Day, February 14. The pastor leads a Bible study for the deacons twice a month, at 5 p.m. Sunday evenings. They began January 12. And the after-evening-service fellowship at the parsonage, which was called off when Marie was sick December 29, will be rescheduled for March or April.

One of our missionary couples has begun an extended visit to three cities in an Asian country, which is a new venture for them and for five of their co-workers who will also participate. Our ladies collected special hot pads for that trip, which our missionaries were to deliver.

I was able to travel to Sigourney last Tuesday to visit a dear friend and former Floris resident, Harry Stonebraker. Harry is the older brother of Bloomfield’s Clarence Stonebraker. He graduated from Bloomfield High in 1949 and has lived in Sigourney most of the time since then. He and his special friend, Beverly, showed me around town after we had lunch together. It was good to get reacquainted with them, and to reminisce of past days of living here on neighboring farms. We all three had dairy cows in our backgrounds…Beverly with Holsteins, Stonebrakers with Guernseys, us with Jerseys. I cannot help but marvel at both of them, for we had to stanchion our cows while we milked. But both of them could sit down in the barnyard on milk stools to do the milking right there in the open outdoors. I did not ask how they did it in the rain, or in winter. Beverly’s family sold milk but we other two separated the milk and sold cream.  


By Deb Baughman

Gin Lammert has returned home from a month helping her brother in Colorado, who recently had knee replacement. She did several snowy paintings in his back yard while there. She also was honored by the Van Buren County Arts Council as the Artist of the Year.

Aren’t you glad the weather forecasters were wrong this past weekend? Some ice is bad enough, but six or eight inches of snow wasn’t what some of us wanted. Sawyer would have liked more to make a snowman, but he did make some snow angels.

Friday, Jan. 17, there will be an opening reception at the Fairfield Convention Center from 6-8 p.m. for an exhibit by art association members. There are 40 members who each created a 16-inch square piece. The exhibit will eventually travel the state for a couple of years. My painting is a scene just east of Pulaski. If you get a chance to visit Fairfield, stop by the center.

There are many eagles to be seen in the area. It is exciting, but not unusual, to see one or more in trees or fields. They have a very recognizable flight pattern. We read blogs from people in other states who are amazed to see a rare sighting. There are several huge nests in our vicinity, and the birds will be laying their eggs in a couple of weeks.

Are you aware of the website of the Iowa DOT, 511ia.org? You can look at snowplow cameras and locations in real time, and highway cameras to see road conditions, and it has links to neighboring states. There is a camera on the Cantril bridge, and some in Ottumwa.


By Donna Olinger

Sadly the icy weather caused many churches to cancel worship Sunday, Jan. 12. It’s a tough decision to not worship. For many the week doesn’t seem the same without starting with the opportunity to fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Safety is important too. This past Sunday we chose safety.

When studying Ephesians 2:13-22, we realize  Paul had great insight and a passion for leading everyone he could contact in any way to Jesus. Salvation for all was important to him.

Christ meets you outside the throne room, takes you by the hand, and walks you into the presence of God. Upon entrance we find grace, not condemnation; mercy not punishment. Where we would never be granted audience with the King, we are now welcomed into His presence.

If you are a parent you understand this. If a child you don’t know appears on your doorstep and asks to spend the night, what would you do? Likely you would ask him his name, where he lives, find out why he is roaming around, and contact his parents.

On the other hand, if a youngster enters your house escorted by your child, that child is welcome. The same is true with God. By becoming friends with the Son, we gain access to the Father’

Jesus promised, “All who stand before others and say they believe in Me, I will say before My Father in heaven that they belong to Me.” (Matthew 10:32). Because we are friends of His Son, we have entrance to the throne room. He ushers us into that “blessing of God’s grace that we now enjoy.” (Romans 5:2)

Worship at Cantril 9 a.m. and Troy 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings.


By Carol Howard

The weather is our big news again this week. Just last week we were discussing the mild winter — then Iowa did its change about. The ice on Friday cancelled ballgames and also most of the local church activities were cancelled for the weekend. We were in Drakesville yesterday evening at Quiktime. While there, we visited with one of the local Davis County people who volunteers to do official moisture measurements. His official measurement on the ice was .88 of an inch of moisture. That is a lot of ice! Let’s just wait and see what comes around to us for next week’s weather!

The Moulton Chamber of Commerce is trying to generate some monthly activities in our community during the winter on a regular basis. Starting January 25, they have a total of five Saturdays chosen to host Bingo Nights at the Crosslines Center.

The SCPC (School Pride Committee) has chosen a Saturday date in February for their Daddy-Daughter Dance, but the dated is not listed yet. They have also selected Friday, March 13, for the All School Carnival.

The Garrett Memorial Library has chosen March 21 for their annual soup supper. They have not decided on a program yet, but are open to ideas and suggestions if you would like to make suggestions.

As you can see our community is going to have a lot of activities going on over the next couple of months. Then there are the regular Wednesday night church activities and the school basketball games.

Our community is saddened once again at the passing of another of our long time community members. Eldonna Graham passed away January 10 at the age of 87 years. Eldonna was very active in our community. She was an active member of the Moulton United Methodist church. She leaves a community of family members and friends to mourn her loss.

I am once again mourning another loss in my family. My mother’s sister, Norma O’Brien, passed away January 11 at the age of 89 years. She celebrated her 89th birthday January 9 and her 67th anniversary to Uncle Danny on January 10. Now she is celebrating with her Lord. She will be missed greatly by family and friends.

Remember your challenge last week to read the book of John in the Bible? How are you doing? How’s your week been going? Maybe make a change — just try it! Have a great week!!