The Davis County Old Soldiers’ and Settlers’ Reunion (OSSR) this year was an abbreviated event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Reunion Committee managed to pack as many activities as possible into the one-day celebration.

“We had a steady crowd most of the day,” said Dan Wiegand, chairman of the OSSR Committee. “We probably had a total of 300-400 in attendance throughout the day.”

Wiegand said he considered the event to be successful under the circumstances, and thanked all who helped or donated to the celebration in any way. He noted next year would be the 175th consecutive year of the celebration.

“We are planning some special events,” he said. “If anyone has ideas or would like to be involved in next year’s celebration, join us at our annual meeting at 7 p.m., Sept. 15 at the Drakesville Park.

The traditional Old Soldier’s chair, donated by Dean and Mary Stocker, was presented to Ernie Bohi. Betty Judd was presented with the Old Settler’s chair donated by Susie Warner.

Due to the pandemic, this was the first year the chairs were awarded without attendance being a requirement. (The organization had to make a change in its bylaws to make the absentee presentations possible.) Bohi chose to attend the celebration; Judd did not.

Myah Jones, daughter of Ross and Chelsey Jones, was crowned OSSR Queen. McKenzie Horn, daughter of Chad and Sarah Horn, was named first runner-up, and Claire Garland, daughter of Andy and Kim Garland, was designated as second runner-up.

Daryl Wiegand won the raffle for the grill.

Contest winners follow:

Tractor Pull

Farm Class, 3500—Chuck Cioccio, Colfax, WD 45 Allis Chalmers, 175’ 11”.

Farm Class, 4000—Jackson Steele, Wyaconda, Mo., WD 45 Allis Chalmers, 224’ 2”.

Farm Class, 4500—Jackson Steele, Wyaconda, Mo., WD 45 Allis Chalmers, 262’ 6”.

Farm Class, 5000—Jon Edge, Eddyville, Farmall M, 219’ 11”.

Farm Class, 5500—Richard Courtney, Kahoka, Mo., M International Harvester, 239’ 5”

Farm Class, 6500—Ann Day, Ollie, Massey Ferguson 255, Full Pull.

Farm Class, 7500—Ron Black, Memphis, MO, 1655 Oliver, 267’ 3”.

Farm Class, 8500—David Wiggins, Memphis, Mo, 7000 Ford, full pull - Pull off 241.

Farm Class, 9500—David Wiggins, Memphis, Mo., 8000 Ford, 260’ 5”.

Farm Class, 10000—John Day, Ollie, Massey Ferguson 1130, 226’ 9”.

Farm Class, 11000—David Wiggins, Memphis, Mo., 8000 Ford, full pull.

Farm Class, 12000—Marcus Durflinger, Hedrick, 1066 Farmall, 281’ 6”.

Combined Antique, 3500—Jean Durant, Newton, 1953 Allis Chalmers WD 45, 174’ 11”.

Combined Antique, 4000—Jean Durant, Newton, 1953 Allis Chalmers WD 45, 200’.

Combined Antique, 4500—Dalton Davisson, Keosauqua, 1929 Case CC, 187’ 11”.

Combined Antique, 5000—Dennis Perry, Wyaconda, Mo., 1946 JD A, 295’ 8”.

Combined Antique, 5500—Dennis Perry, Wyaconda, Mo., 1946 JD A, 254’ 1”.

Combined Antique, 6500—Dennis Perry, Wyaconda, Mo., 1946 John Deere A, 250’ 10”.

No entries in the truck classes.

No entries in the classic class.

Fishing Tournament

Ages 8 and under—1. Weston Hobbs; 2. Jaxon Miller; 3. Tyler Hobbs

Ages 9-16—1. Adalyn Hobbs; 2. Carter Thompson; 3. Paxton Thompson

Biggest Fish, ages 8 and under—1. Hudson McDermott; 2. Remey ZaPutil; 3. Rebel McDermott

Biggest Fish, ages 9-16—1. Carter Thompson; 2. Adalyn Hobbs; 3. Adyen Closser


Egg Toss—1.Reideck Roades and Finnick Husted; 2. Gabby Husted and Jesha Husted; 3. Elle Chickering and Adrian Bales

Spoon Race—1. Adrian Bales; 2. Dalton Roades; 3. Jay Sloan

Balloon Toss—1.Elle Chickering and Adrian Bales; 2. Jeremy Sloan and Jay Sloan; 3. Riddeck Roades and Dalton Roades

Cup Race (First Round)—1. Alyssa Closser and Bella Closeer; 2. Finnick Husted and Gabby Husted; 3. Myles Closser and Shawn Rudd; 3. Adrian Bales and Elle Chickering

Candy Sort—1. Gabby Husted; 2. Finnish Husted; 3. Dalton Roades

Sack Race—1. Dalton Roades; 2. Elle Chickering; 3. Bella Closser

Cup Race (Second Round)—1. Adrian Bales and Elle Chickering; 2. Isheah Husted and Gabby Husted; 3. Bella Closer and Shawn Rudd

Hula Hoop Race (Small Kids)—1. Finnick Husted; 2. Gabby Husted; 3. Bella Closser

Hula Hoop Race (Big Kids)—1. Shawn Rudd; 2. Dalton Roades; 3. Elle Chickering