The annual reunion of the Briggs family was held Sept. 5 at the Mutchler Center in Bloomfield.

Covid forced the cancellation of last year’s reunion, breaking a continuous streak that began in 1932 and continued without interruption through wars and the polio outbreak 75 years ago.

Covid did hold down attendance last week, however, but it was still an official reunion (so designated, because of the availability of pie).

In Bloomfield for the gathering were Randy and Sue Evans of Des Moines, Rick and Martha Evans of Naperville, Ill., Norman Fleagle of Indianola, Bill and Elizabeth Offenburger of Chariton, and Larry Ranard of Newton.

On the minds of everyone were the two members of the extended family who had died since the last reunion — Sue Fleagle Ranard and Carol Fleagle.

The reunion is held annually on the Sunday before Labor Day.