Ilene Carter

Ilene Carter

Ilene Carter has resided at Mulberry Place for nine years, longer than any other resident.

During the celebration of National Assisted Living Week, Mulberry Place Manager Gloria Garner asked Carter to reminisce and share some of the highlights of her life.

Carter was born Lois Ilene McCullogh in Davis County. Following her schooling in Davis County, she moved to New London to work in a glove factory. While there, she met her future husband, Henry Carter.

Henry joined the service, and he and Ilene were married in New Orleans where he was stationed.

After he completed his term in the service, the couple moved to Des Moines where Ilene worked at Iowa Lutheran Hospital sterilizing hospital supplies.

The couple had two children: Charles who lives in Drakesville and Karen who is deceased.

Carter chose to return to Davis County after Henry passed away.

She moved into Mulberry Place in 2011 and says she has been very happy there. She enjoys her apartment as well as Mulberry friends and staff.

Carter has continued making quilts and sewing since moving into Mulberry Place.

Carter told Garner she was familiar with quarantine procedures long before COVID-19.

She had scarlet fever as a child and her mother isolated her on the upper level of their home. Only her mother had contact with her during the quarantine.

Carter says it is difficult to not have contact with family and friends, but agrees it is for the safety of all.

She enjoys activities such as bingo, food activities, and special events and meals provided at Mulberry Place.

She also enjoys visiting on the phone with son Charles and other family members as well as socializing with residents and staff members at Mulberry Place (while social-distancing, of course).