Bloomfield Police Chief Shawn Armstrong told the City Council Thursday night auto dealers are reporting thefts of catalytic converters.

“This is common not only here, but all over,” he told The Bloomfield Democrat Monday. “They are easy and quick to remove, and it gives them a lot of money when they are sold.”

Sheriff Dave Davis says his department has had several similar cases all over the county within the past eight months.

“People are having them cut out from underneath their vehicles,” he said. “One of the motorhomes stored at the fairgrounds had one taken, and they are being taken from trucks and cars at peoples’ residences.”

Davis said the catalytic converters are especially being taken from trucks because it is easier to get under them to cut the converters out.

“Some of the converters from the right vehicles could buy a felony charge for someone,” he said. “Some are worth $1,000 up to $1,500.”

Davis explained there are three different precious metals in catalytic converters and prices on those metals recently went up.

Most thefts are happening during the night or early morning hours, Davis said. “This is very frustrating for owners; they have to pay for labor and the cost of a new converter.”

No arrests have been made yet, but law enforcement officers continue to investigate reports.

Anyone having any information is asked to call the Bloomfield Police Department at 641-664-2700 of the Sheriff’s Department at 641-664-2385.