The Davis County Cattlemen hosted their 6th Annual Fall Classic + Ranch Rodeo the first weekend of October, and, despite the pandemic, were pleased with the growing number of participants.

“We had 75 entries, double the number from last year,” said Brandon Bish, who helped organize the cattle show. “A lot of people like this; I think the show will be even bigger next year.”

Participants came from Iowa and Missouri for the Saturday cattle show, which featured heifers and steers born after Sept. 1, 2018, and prospect heifers and steers born after Sept. 1, 2019.

Cattle show results follow:


Overall market champion steer: Blayne Beaty

Reserve overall market champion steer: Rylee Steffes

Third place market steer: Quinley Hollenbeck


Overall champion breeding heifer: Madison McCullough

Reserve overall champion breeding heifer: Jenna White

Third place breeding heifer: Owen Weisinger

Fourth place breeding heifer: Chelsea Smith

Fifth place breeding heifer: Kadence Heald

Prospect steers

Overall prospect market champion steer: Hayley Eads

Reserve overall prospect market champion steer: Broc Latchem

Third place prospect market steer: Hayley Eads

Fourth place prospect market steer: Layne White

Fifth place prospect market steer: Max Taylor

Prospect heifers

Overall prospect breeding heifer: Madison McCullough

Reserve overall prospect breeding heifer: Owen Weisinger

Third place prospect breeding heifer: Hailey Eads

Fourth place prospect breeding heifer: Vada Weisinger

Fifth place prospect breeding heifer: Tyvan Vilet

Showmanship awards

Senior showmanship: Lexi Knapp

Intermediate showmanship: Chelsea Smith

Ranch Rodeo Results

The Ranch Rodeo was held Sunday afternoon and drew 15 participants for four events: Pasture Doctoring; Trailer Loading; Chute Doctoring; and Trailer Loading with no roping.

A team of Rusty Garrett and Easton Kerby took top honors in the pasture doctoring competition with Colton Weldon and Jedd Martsching placing second. Chuck Nunn and Easton Kerby placed third, while Rusty Garrett and Jedd Martsching placed fourth.

Lane Gray and Trey Gashwiler took first place in trailer loading, and Easton Kerby and Colton Weldon placed second. Cory Fleming and Kyle Kirkpatrick placed third, and Brandon Bish and Adam Smith took fourth place.

Rusty Garrett and Colton Weldon took first place in chute doctoring, while Todd Dejong and Scooter Howard took second. Chuck Nunn and Easton Kerby placed third, and Steve Anderson and Chuck Nunn placed fourth.

Todd Dejong and Scooter Howard placed first in trailer loading with no roping. Dane Versteegh and Cory Fleming took second place.

Easton Kerby received a belt buckle for taking high money in the rodeo events. Colton Weldon also received a belt buckle for earning second high money.