Cone wionning photo.psd

Avian Guiter

Britney Cone of Bloomfield is an amateur photographer who was excited to learn recently that her photo of her three-year-old son, Avian Guiter, qualified for exhibition at the Gora Art Gallery in Montreal, Canada.

The photo, shown above, will be on display in the gallery from Nov. 19-21, while at the same time being displayed on the virtual gallery of GuruShots.

Cone has had the GuruShots app for about four years and has uploaded around 650 photos and earned 672 achievements on the app.

She has been taking photos since 2005 when she was in fifth grade, but she didn’t enter any contests until 2019 when she exhibited at the Davis County Fair and placed in nearly every category.

“What I love about photography is taking a random object and making it look unique,” she said. “I photograph as much as I can. Even on car rides to the gas station, I take my camera, and if I see something, I’ll stop and take a photo.”

Cone has no education in photography except personal advice from other photographers. “I’ve had to figure out lighting on my own, and finally I decided I had to get off auto mode and ask others for advice,” she said.

Cone only prints the photos that are very special to her, but she has filled 12 memory cards with photos taken on her Nikon camera and also has over 3,000 photos on her phone.

She enjoys taking photos of her sons, Avian and Logan, and likes photographing still life, often using props and toys.

Cone’s goal is to eventually become a licensed photographer and own her own studio. In the meantime, she sets weekly goals on what she wants to photograph. One of her goals, for example, was to take a picture of a cow on a hillside with the 3 p.m. sun casting a perfect shadow.