The Pulaski Corn Show Committee can chalk up another win!

The brother and sister team of Jerry Robison and Kim Smith, who headed up a committee of about 20 members from the Pulaski community, were ecstatic Monday as they talked about the success of last weekend’s Corn Show.

“I thought this was one of the best Corn Shows in the last six years,” Robison said.

“I’m just really happy with everything,” Smith said. “People were happy and smiling and they made my heart happy.”

Smith acknowledged that Pulaski is a little town, but said it has a big heart and great people. “I’m grinning from ear to ear,” she said. “Jerry and I just looked at each other and said, ‘Wasn’t that awesome?’”

Both emphasized the role the Corn Show plays in bringing families together. “We not only celebrated the Corn Show, we celebrated families,” Robison said. “The Augspurger family had the best reunion they’ve had in six years at the Corn Show, and the Willier family was all there.”

Robison said there are still “things to work on, but we will get better.”

The event has made quite a recovery since eight years ago when there were only five people on the Corn Show Committee. Now there are 20 on the committee and Robison said if he wanted, he could “fade away now” and the Corn Show would go on.

Robison and Smith were both thrilled with the entertainment — Lori King and Junction 63 on Thursday, The Chickadees on Friday, and James Carothers on Saturday.

Remembering that Carothers and his band didn’t take a break when they performed for the Corn Show several years ago, Robison suggested the band rest for a few minutes while the local heroes of the past year were introduced.

Carothers said to Robison, “Why don’t you come up and we’ll sing a song first?”

“I gotta sing before I bring the heroes to the stage?” Robison asked.

Robison requested a Brooks and Dunn song and he had his “moment in the sun” as he performed with Carothers’ group.

“Jerry Robison is not moving to Nashville, but it was great singing with James and the band,” Robison said.

“They were using my son’s drums, and when they were finished, they signed his drum. We removed the drumhead for safekeeping,” he said.

Robison and Smith said they’ve already begun working on next year’s Corn Show, which will emphasize family and school.

This year’s Corn Show Parade was led by Grand Marshals J.L. and Linda Stogdill. Both were saluted as heroes for their roles in healthcare during the pandemic.

The winning float in the parade was made by the Veatch family.

A listing of Corn Show contest winners follows:

Pulaski Corn Show Little Princess—Aubrey Armstrong, daughter of Kyle Armstrong and Desi Armstrong.

Pulaski Corn Show Little Princess—Runner Up: Jordan McLaughlin, daughter of Jesse and Carrie McLaughlin.

Pulaski Corn Show Princess—Addyson Tharp, daughter of Jeremy and Ashley Tharp.

Pulaski Corn Show Princess—Runner Up: Aubrie Garmon, daughter of Jessica Garmon.

Jerry’s Pie Contest—1. Tamara Rominger; 2. Robin Goering; 3. Robin Goering.

Art Hall Entries

Textiles: Crochet, Afghan—Blue: Wilma Veatch; Red: Gloria Bailey; White: Amanda Smith.

Textiles: Quilts,Hand—Blue: Gloria Bailey

Textiles: Quilts, Machine—Blue: Wilma Veatch (Best of Show); Red: Wilma Veatch, White: Wilma Veatch.

Textiles: All Cross Stitch—Blue: Lela Sherman

Crafts: Repurposed—Blue: Gloria Bailey; Red: Robin Goering.

Crafts: Misc. Wood—Blue: Randy Householder.

Fine Arts: Painting, Scene—Blue: Lela Sherman; Red: Lela Sherman; White: Lela Sherman.

Fine Arts: Painting, Abstract—Blue: Kenny Schlarbaum; Red: Kenny Schlarbaum; White: Kim Smith.

Fine Arts: Decorative Painting, Misc. Surfaces—Blue: Janet Peterson.

Photography: Black/White, People—Blue: Janet Peterson (Best of Show); Red: Tammy Woods.

Photography: Black/White, Scenery—Blue: Tammy Woods.

Photography: Black/White, Flowers—Blue: Tammy Woods.

Photography: Black/White, Animals—Blue: Tammy Woods.

Photography: Black/White, Buildings—Blue: Robin Goering.

Photography: Color, Barns—Blue: Janet Peterson, Red: Amanda Kimbrell.

Photography: Color, People—Blue: Gary Kimbrell, Red: Bev Watson, Red: Janet Peterson, Red: Amanda Kimbrell, Red: Bev Watson, White: Amanda Kimbrell, White: Amanda Kimbrell, White: Barb Kimbrell.

Photography: Color, Scenery—Blue: Tammy Woods; Red: Robin Goering; White: Marcy Glosser; White: Robin Goering.

Photography: Color, Flowers—Blue: Tammy Woods; Red: Robin Goering; White: Amanda Kimbrell.

Photography: Color, Animals—Blue: Jenna Peterson; Red: Janet Peterson; Red: Robin Goering; White: Brent Kimbrell.

Photography: Color, Insects—Blue: Barb Kimbrell.

Junior Crafts: Fine Arts, Painting—Blue: Aubrey Harsch (Best of Show); Blue: Aubrey Harsch; Blue: Rachel Rominger; Blue: Kaiden Cole; Red: Aubrie Garmon; Red: Julian McLaughlin; Red: Aubrey Harsch; White: Kaiden Cole.

Junior Crafts: Fine Arts, Drawing—Blue: William Johnson; Blue: Rachel Rominger; Red: Julian McLaughlin; Red: Jerilyn Garmon; Red: Sawyer Baughman.

Junior Photography: Color, People—Blue: Andrew Kimbrell; Red: Andrew Kimbrell; White: Gabriel Kimbrell.

Junior Photography: Color, Scenery—Blue: Dean Peterson.

Junior Photography: Color, Flowers—Blue: Dean Peterson; Red: Dean Peterson.

Junior Photography: Color, Animals—Blue: Dean Peterson; Red: Gabriel Kimbrell.

Junior Photography: Color, Insects—Blue: Andrew Kimbrell; Red: Gabriel Kimbrell.

Depot Entries

Dessert Breads—Blue: Sue Sedore; Red: Karen Tharp.

Cakes—Blue: Linda Ware.

Decorated Cakes—Blue: Andrew Kimbrell (Best of Show)

Cookies—Blue: Sue Sedore; Red: Louise Frymoyer; White: Robin Goering.

Homemade Candies—Blue: Robin Goering; Red: Robin Goering.

Canned Vegetables, Beans—Blue: Barb Kimbrell; Red: Amanda Kimbrell.

Canned Vegetables, Tomatoes—Blue: Amanda Kimbrell; Red: Doug Veatch.

Canned Vegetables, Tomato Juice—Blue: Doug Veatch.

Canned Fruit—Blue: Gloria Bailey.

Canned Pickles—Blue: Barb Kimbrell; Red: Amanda Kimbrell.

Canned Sauces, Barbecue—Blue: Ross Rickelman

Jelly—Blue: Gloria Bailey.

Sauces, Salsa—Blue: Mitzi Kinsler; Red: Robin Goering.

Sauces, Spaghetti Sauce—Blue: Mitzi Kinsler.

Flower Arrangements, Artificial—Blue: Amanda Kimbrell.

Flower Arrangements, Fresh—Blue: Andrew Kimbrell; Red: Gloria Bailey; White: Michael Kimbrell.

Vegetables, Squash—Blue: Barb Kimbrell.

Vegetables, Zucchini—Blue: Michael Kimbrell; Red: Gary Kimbrell; White: Barb Kimbrell.

Vegetables, Bell Peppers—Blue: Barb Kimbrell; Red: Linda Ware.

Vegetables, Misc. Peppers—Blue: Mitzi Kinsler; Red: Barb Kimbrell.

Vegetables, Tomatoes—Blue: Andrew Kimbrell.

Vegetables, Cucumbers—Blue: Andrew Kimbrell; Red: Andrew Kimbrell.

Vegetables, Brussel Sprouts—Blue: Mitzi Kinsler.

Fruits, Grapes—Blue: Gloria Bailey.

Baby Contest

0-6 Months

Grayson Salladay—son of Austin and Zoe Salladay: Best Dressed.

Raelynn Reeves—daughter of Clint Reeves and Allison Armstrong: Sleepiest Baby.

Gabriel Mateo Matuz—son of Shelby Ernst and Abiel Matuz: Chubbiest Cheeks.

Remmie Glosser—daughter of DeKota and Alexis Glosser: Quietest Baby.

Baxter Bollman—son of Angelique Marshall and Tyler Bollman: Curliest Hair.

Kolten Shanahan—son of Lexi and Tyler Shanahan: Most Curious.

Matthew Logterman—son of Jon and Marissa Logterman: Most Social.

Jada Jenkins—daughter of Matthew Jenkins and Cassie Short: Most Hair.

7-12 Months

Ember Rayne Garner—daughter of Autumn Garner: Most Active.

Ella Dyer—daughter of Jierra Summers and William Dyer: Best Dressed.

Berklee Ludemann—daughter of Mackenzie and Jake Ludemann: Most Serious.

Jax Peterson—son of Jacob and Rachel Peterson: Biggest Smile.

Lyahm Miller—son of Shelby and Michael Miller: Most Hair.

13-18 Months

Daniel Kimbrell—son of Brent and Amanda Kimbrell: Shyest.

Myah Schooley—daughter of James and Mercedes Schooley: Biggest Smile.

Cecily Shively—daughter of Scott Shively and Cassie Plowman: Best Dressed.

19-24 Months

Oaklee Beeler—son of Jessup and Jenny Beeler: Biggest Flirt.

Oaklynn Moore—daughter of Chase and Lynndsey Moore: Biggest Smile.

Scarlett McLaughlin—daughter of Carrie and Jesse McLaughlin: Curliest Hair.

Kylee Glosser—daughter of DeKota and Alexis Glosser: Most Active.

Emma Logterman—daughter of Jon and Marissa Logterman: Best Dressed.

Lyvia Miller—daughter of Shelby and Michael Miller: Prettiest Eyes.


Results of the 5K Heroes Run and other contest results not yet received will be published in next week’s Bloomfield Democrat.