Davis County Auditor Linda Humphrey provided figures last week showing Davis County’s financial contributions to the Bloomfield Public Library over a 10-year period.

The issue of county funding versus City of Bloomfield funding for the library has become contentious over the last few weeks after the county approved its FY22 budget including a $35,000 contribution to the library.

The city then proposed a $20,000 cut in its library funding from $120,000 in FY21 to $100,000 in the FY22 budget, with at least one councilman saying that the county should pay a greater percentage since more than 50% of the library’s patrons are from rural areas.

Humphrey said state code requires the county to levy a tax of at least six and three-fourths cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation on the taxable property if the county does not have its own library. Davis County, she said, contributes more than required for city library funding.

The county’s minimum requirements and the actual budgeted funds for the library for the past 10 years are listed below:

• FY 13: Minimum, $15,455. Actual, $21,000.

• FY 14: Minimum, $16,130. Actual, $21,000.

• FY 15: Minimum, $16,364. Actual, $23,000.

• FY 16: Minimum, $16,906. Actual, $24,000.

• FY 17: Minimum, $16,267. Actual, $124,000.

• FY 18: Minimum, $16,810. Actual, $24,105.

• FY 19: Minimum, $19,171. Actual, $27,000.

• FY 20: Minimum, $19,941. Actual, $30,000.

• FY 21: Minimum, $23,396. Actual, $35,000.

• FY 22: Minimum, $24,035. Actual, $35,000.

The county’s contribution of $124,000 in FY 17 included an extra $100,000 for the renovation and update of the library.