The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), Davis County Public Health, and Davis County medical providers continue to work toward curbing the outbreak of pertussis (whooping cough) in Davis County.

Devyn Pitlick, spokesperson for Davis County Public Health and Davis County Hospital, said Davis County Public Health continues to receive numerous calls daily regarding whooping cough.   “The volume of those calls is not decreasing,” she said, “and Public Health continues to treat diagnosed cases with antibiotics and administer preventative vaccine.”

Pitlick reiterated that anyone of any age can get pertussis if not vaccinated. She also reminds the public that pertussis can be deadly for young infants not old enough to receive the vaccine.

Pitlick said pertussis patients should remain home without visitors for at least five days after going on antibiotics to avoid spreading the disease.

“Be aware of the symptoms and follow the advice of medical providers,” she advises.

Those needing information on whether or not they have been vaccinated should contact their medical providers or public health.

Pitlick said the good thing about Davis County’s recent pertussis outbreak is that people are responding and getting vaccine, and there is greater awareness of the disease, its symptoms, its dangers, and appropriate treatment.

Vaccine is available at Davis County Public Health, medical providers’ offices, and local pharmacies.

The front page article in the July 3 issue of the Bloomfield Democrat included additional information on the symptoms, dangers, and treatment of pertussis.