Davis County’s COVID-19 count climbed by 11 from Sept. 8 to Sept. 15,  increasing the total number of positive cases from 96 to 107 in the past week. The positivity rating registers 8.5% in the past 14 days.

Wapello County has also seen a sharp increase from 1,141 cases to 1,198 cases in the last week. Appanoose County’s cases rose from 79 to 116. Other surrounding counties have seen lesser increases. Monroe County recorded 134 cases Tuesday (an increase of 12); Jefferson County 126 cases (an increase of 2); and Van Buren County 108 cases (an increase of 1).

Statewide the total number of positive cases has risen from 70,659 on Sept. 8 to 75,275 on Sept. 15.

Davis County has recorded 11 recoveries in the last week bringing the total to 71. Monroe County now has 79 recoveries; Wapello 1,198; Jefferson 95; Van Buren 42; and Appanoose 94. Statewide, 54,257 recoveries have been recorded to date.

Deaths in the state of Iowa have increased from 1,173 last Tuesday to 1,237 on Sept. 15. Monroe County has recorded 8 deaths; Wapello 57; Jefferson 1; Van Buren 1; Davis 4; and Appanoose 3.

The Davis County Schools’ website Monday evening reported two students are currently testing positive and 35 are quarantining. One staff member has tested positive and four additional staff members are under quarantine.

“Two students are in isolation or quarantine due to close contact at school,” the report states.