DCHS business class

The above businesspersons and students engaged in mock business interviews last Thursday as students. Shown are Brian Warning, Alexis Henderson, Joshua Jones, Garrett Bailey, Doug Warning, Lisa Collier, (middle row) Kallie Greiner, Shalayla Sickles, Jacklyn Muldoon, Niya Damazo, Emilee Miller, Alexis Hobbs, (back row) Luke Farley, Myles Closser, Alex Sanchez, Melana Followwill, and Emily Wiley.

Sandy Warning’s Career Readiness class of freshmen and sophomores has been learning about successful job interviewing.

The students have been preparing resumes, written letters applying for jobs, and filled out job applications. In preparation for interviews, they have responded to 28 potential interview questions, learned interview success tips, and conducted mock interviews with one another.

Students acted as interviewers and interviewees to prepare for the “real thing.”

On Friday, Oct. 4, Lisa Collier from Davis County Daycare, Alexis Henderson from Success Bank, Doug Warning from Warning Construction, and Brian Warning from Warning Enterprises visited the high school and interviewed 13 students.

The interviewers filled out a rubric for each student for feedback.

“It was a great experience in preparation for future job interviews,” Warning said.

Following the mock interviews, students sent letters thanking the interviewers for their time and expertise.