The Floris Flag Day is a yearly home for this delicious competition. Sevearl people from many destinations come to Floris in early June for the competion. Tasting cups are offered to spectators for a small fee at most events. This year's cookoff was judged by State Fair Queen Hailey Swan.

2019 Floris Baby of the Year: Carson Cruzen, son of Amy and Adam Cruzen

Lil Miss Floris: Sofia Pilcher, daughter of Troy and Carissa Pilcher

Lil Mr. Floris: Noah Huggins, son of Shawna Huggins

Miss Floris: Paylin Lawson, daughter of Amanda Lawson

Mr. Floris: Landon Small, son of Miranda and CJ Blakley

Baby Contest

0 to 3 months

Friendliest: Ayden Garrett, son of Cassie Garrett; Biggest eyes: Colton Hobbs, son of Seth and Kenzie Hobbs; Most content: Corbyn Morgan, son of Dylan Morgan and Hallie Kirby.

7 to 12 Months

Friendliest: Abby Archer, daughter of Amos Archer and Whitney Lee; Biggest Smile: Noah Kimbrell, son of Brent and Amanda Kimbrell; Bluest eyes: Kaylynn Blakley, daughter of Miranda and CJ Blakley; Biggest eyes: Kevin Pilcher, son of Troy and Carissa Pilcher.

13 to 24 Months

Bluest eyes: Oliver Burnstedt, son of Whitney Engle and Dalton Burnstedt; Friendliest: Nina Woods, daughter of Johnny and Alison Woods; Most Curls: Chloe Perdew, daughter of Becky Perdew; Biggest eyes: Hunter LaPoint, son of Charli Hopkins and Colton LaPoint; Loudest: Sebastian Davis, son of Jessica Davis and Spencer Drish; Biggest Smile: Madalyn Hervey, daughter of Shelby Cain and JJ Hervey; Shyest: Draxton King, son of Sarah Hervey and Billy Fountain.