Pulaski council seeks new leader

The City of Pulaski will be searching for a new mayor soon. Former Mayor Danny Jr., Harris resigned last week during the regular monthly meeting of the council.

City Clerk Jamie Gust said Monday night June 10, that Harris verbally announced his resignation and turned in his keys to city hall and other Pulaski facilities. Gust told other members of the Pulaski City Council during a meeting on June 10 that she would try to obtain a formal letter of resignation from Harris sometime soon.

Amos Archer, Rosa Archer, Jeremy Breeding and Gust held a meeting June 10 to discuss how the city should proceed in its efforts to find a new mayor. Mayor Pro-tem Sheryl Wright and Councilwoman Karen Miller were unable to attend Monday’s meeting.

 The council discussed having Wright fill in for Harris as Mayor since she has already been appointed Mayor Pro-tem. The council also discussed options for replacing miller.

Gust told the council that the council’s options were to host a special election, appoint someone or just wait until the November election and let the normal election process put one in place.

The council obtained legal advice from City Attorney Ashley Walkup who informed the council that they could do the very things they had already discussed. Walkup explained the steps the council needed to take with each option. Based on the discussion, the council voted to go through the process of appointing a new mayor to serve between now and the November election.

Breeding made a motion to go through the appointment process. Rosa Archer and Amos Archer agreed and the motion passed 3-0. Breeding also made a motion to publish an official legal notice to inform the public of their intention to appoint a new mayor. Based on that motion, the council agreed to meet again on June 24 at 6 p.m. to discuss the appointment further.

In the mean time, council members agreed to talk to residents of Pulaski to see if anyone would be interested in taking on the position of mayor. Wyatt Williams was the only Pulaski resident attending Monday night’s meeting. Council members questioned Williams to gage his interest.

Williams didn’t turn down the idea of becoming mayor, but indicated that he might consider it.