Ice and snow were blamed for three accidents in Davis County in the last two weeks.

Kadon Lee Foubert of What Cheer was driving a Kenworth truck northbound on 220th St. on Feb. 11 when he rounded a corner and saw a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix driven ty Bonnie Lynn Billhymer of Bloomfield coming toward him.

Foubert moved as close to the shoulder as he could, but piled-up snow prevented him from moving over any further.

Foubert said Billhymer tried to slow down but slid into him.

Billhymer said she didn’t know if she “hit a slick spot or what,” but she ended up sideswiping the truck.

Investigating officer James Johnson said it appeared the contact occurred right in the middle of the roadway. The large truck took up at least half of the roadway because of the amount of snow piled on the roadsides.

Because the roadway was very slick and very narrow, neither driver was cited.

 Foubert’s truck received minor damage. Billhymer’s Grand Prix was totaled and had to be towed.

Ice and snow at the intersection of Walnut and Columbia Streets in Bloomfield caused a collision at 8:21 a.m. on Feb. 11.

A Chevy Silverado driven by Travis Hougland of Ottumwa was traveling west on Walnut Street when it broadsided a fuel truck driven by Ryan Groseclose of Lancaster, Mo. as it was traveling North on Columbia Street.

The streets were completely covered with ice and snow and Groseclose slid through a stop sign and into the intersection where his fuel truck was struck in the side by Hougland’s Silverado.

The fuel truck suffered $8,000 in damages; the Silverado had $9,000 in damages and was towed to Spilman Auto parts.

Snow and ice were also blamed for a collision at the intersection of Elm and Poplar Streets at 4:08 p.m. on Feb. 18.

Jenna Jackson was traveling southbound on Elm Street in a Jeep Cherokee while Spencer Johnson was traveling westbound on Poplar Street in a Volkswagon Jetta S. There were no stop signs at the intersection.

Both drivers attempted to stop, but due to melting snow on the roadway, the Volkswagon struck the side of the Jeep Cherokee, owned by Danny Van Horn.

Both vehicles were severely damaged. Johnson’s Volkswagon suffered $4,000 in damages and had to be towed to Spilman Auto Parts. There were $2,000 in damages to the Jeep.

Neither driver was found to be at fault, but Johnson was charged with driving while suspended and for failure to provide security against liability.