Join Bloomfield's Coronavirus Response Team

Grace Pointe Church of the Nazarene is organizing a group of Bloomfield neighbors helping neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The team will start its efforts by leaving a note and a green-red sign at the door of each home in Bloomfield, and other areas of Davis County if enough people volunteer to help.

“We will explain in the note that we would like for the residents to put the sign on their front door, window, or somewhere visible. If the residents are well, they should display the green side. If they are in need of some assistance in the form of cold medicine, toilet paper, food, etc., they should display the red sign and leave a note on how the team can help,” said Jen Cronin, who got the idea to start the efforts after seeing a friend in Michigan do something similar, but at a smaller scale, in her neighborhood.

Team members will be assigned areas of town to walk or drive once every day at noon or some other designated time.

“If we see the red sign, we'll look for a note from the residents, maybe taped to the front door, and get the need filled,” Cronin said.

The team needs volunteers to:

  • Canvass Bloomfield to get the letters and signs out.
  • Check assigned areas each day for red lights and report any needs to Cronin at 616-610-2546.
  • Get and deliver needed supplies.

The team is hoping that individuals off work or high school students off school due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as others, will consider joining the efforts.

To learn more, contact Cronin at 616-610-2546 or visit the Facebook Group at

Cronin said she hopes to get the efforts started by Tuesday or Wednesday. The exact timing will depend on when the signs are ready and how soon she can get a team assembled (separately).