Dance team

Davis County High School recently added a dance team. Pictured are front row: Morgan Klaus, Jenna Marlow, Tatum Turner, Melanie Herr, Hanah Johnson, Lilly Cox, Kelsey Rook. Second row: Isabella Kruser, Mckenna Kirkham, Celeste Hougland, Rayne Olsen, Kaden Porter, Olivia Grove, Karina Johnson. Back row: Chelsea Olinger, Taylor Thordarson, Blakelyn Stewart, Sadie Shively, Adrienne Johnson, Megan Swan.

Davis County High School now has a dance team.

High school dance students had previously spoken to Amy Gingerich, an instructor at Panos Dance Studio and previous assistant dance coach, about the idea of creating a dance team for the high school. With the assistance of Katy Houston, Gingerich was able to meet with Superintendent Dan Maeder and speak about the idea of a dance team and later present it to the school board.

After the board moved to approve the formation of a dance team, Gingerich was required to apply for the position and was later accepted. “I used to coach and I loved it,” Gingerich said.

So long as students are willing to “work their hardest,” every high school student is invited to join. Tryouts act as an informal placement on the dance team, which will have both JV and Varsity groups. Practices for the team typically take place two to three mornings per week before school. Continuing in the future, the dance team’s season will run from November to February, and the team will compete in different competitions as well as state dance—similar to indoor color guard. Near the end of the season, the team plans to put on a show and fundraiser to assist with traveling and costume costs for the next season.

Each scheduled performance is planned to have a different dance routine. The four planned themes are hip-hop, Christmas, pom-pom and kick, and jazz.

Unfortunately, this year the team was not formed early enough to enable students to travel to competitions, but the team is scheduled to perform at home basketball games during halftime. “This way we will have a year under our belts before competing,” Gingerich commented.

“I would like to see the program continue to grow and keep the excitement,” Gingerich expressed. “I want this to bring excitement and energy to events that the team performs at…to help with school spirit. Movement creates energy and that’s what dance is.”