Moulton residents were more than ready to celebrate their annual Jamboree this year after having to cancel last year’s celebration due to COVID.

The theme for this year’s celebration was “Coming Together at the Moulton Jamboree,” and come together was what the community did for the Sept. 9-11 event.

Committee member Andie Lawson said, “It was so nice to ‘Come Together at the Moulton Jamboree.’ We were blessed with beautiful weather, great food, fun activities, and a fantastic parade.

“COVID has definitely put a damper on the event after canceling last year and facing the threat of increased cases this year. However, we’re determined to get back into the swing of things and plan for an even better celebration in 2022.”

The crowning of Jamboree royalty and the Saturday parade were major events in the three-day celebration. Results of those contests follow:


Queen—Stephanie Leager. 1st runner up—Addie Hunter. 2nd runner up—Alanis Emmart. Miss Congeniality—Stephanie Leager.

Prince— Daxton Harris. Prince Runner up—Karson Lancaster.

Princess— Melissa Hanes. Runner up— Freya Rudd. Honorable mention­—Adalyn Ballanger.


Overall— “Coming Together to Move Marky’s Mountain”

Division I: First place—2nd grade; Second place—3rd grade; Third place—Kindergarten.

Division II: First place—4th grade; Second place—6th grade; Third place—5th grade

Pedal Pull

Under 30 lbs: 1. Uriah Welch, 2. Isla Rose Guinn, 3. Emmy Ryan

30-40 lbs: 1. Andrew, unknown last name, 2. Murph Thomas, 3. Gentry Schooley

41-50 lbs: 1. Julianna Thomas, 2. Maverick Schooley, 3. Tyce Walker

51-60 lbs: 1. Landry Spurgeon, 2. Bella Smith, 3. Kellan Welch

61-70 lbs: 1. Max Burgher, 2. Freya Rudd, 3. Reaghyn Ryan

71-80 lbs: 1. Corie Ryan, 2. Karson Lancaster, 3. Jackson Ogden