Discussion on reining in power of federal government

Theresa Tuvera of Bloomfield is serving as a district chairman for a Convention of States Action group that is planning to host a meeting at the Mutchler Center July 31 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. The meeting is for those who are interested in calling a Convention of States to rein in the power of the Federal Government.

Before a Convention of States can be called, 34 states must agree to participate and send a delegate.

Tuvera said the effort and the group calling for action are bipartisan. “This input is for everybody,” she said.

Topics to be discussed at the July 31 meeting are fiscal responsibility, term limits for congress and bureaucrats, and limiting federal government overreach. “We have to have three resolutions in place before we can call a Convention of States,” she said. “Article V of the U.S. Constitution allows the states an avenue to rein in federal power and overreach.

“To learn more, attend the informational meeting on July 31.”