The Rogue Rodeo results from the Davis County Old Soldiers and Settlers Reunion (OSSR) were recently submitted to the Bloomfield Democrat and are printed below. The event took place on Aug. 3.


1. Brett Moffett; 2. Hunter Robbins; 3. Clayton Kiefer


1. Kate Timmerman; 2. Chance Fleming; 3. Gabriel Edwards; 4. Jackson Haug

Calf Roping

1. Bill Huber; 2. Dixon Winn; 3. Whalen Pickerill

O40 Calf Roping

1. O40 Chad Fleming; 2. O40 Brad Wentz; 3. O40 Bill Huber; 4. O40 Rich Baker; 4. O40 Dallas Klein

Saddle Bronc

1. Justin Haglund

Steer Wrestling

1. Travis Moore; 2. Talon Roseland

Team Roping

1. Cash Tharp/Donnie McNeece; 2. Colby Fletcher/Patrick Houchins; 3. Hunter Martin/Joe Kane; 4. Brycen Sprouse/Gary Sprouse; 5. Will Jones/Jackson Haug; 6. Clayton Kiefer/Chasen Kiefer


1. Laney Hoffman; 2. Jackie Richardson; 3. Deanna Keeton; 4. Shaylee Fritchey


1. Jacob Hanks

Fishing Tournament

Participants in the OSSR fishing tournament were Bryson Swaim, Ty Swaim, Corbin Swaim, Annie Hopkins, Elvona Hopkins, Kobe Simmons, and Aubreyanna Husted