Perfect touch

Amy Gingerich and Kelley Jackson show off the new décor at Indigo Roots Co. The new counter was built by Caleb Jackson as the business began its rebranding efforts last spring.

Kelley and Caleb Jackson wanted a new name for their business that represented their goals, purposes, and aspects of wellness as they began to expand their focus beyond just massage therapy.

With that in mind, the business that used to be called Perfect Touch became Indigo Roots Co.

Kelley said the couple began aesthetically rebranding their business about the time COVID-19 shut down many of the community’s businesses. They chose new color schemes and Caleb built a new counter emphasizing earth tones.

“We’re nature people,” she said. “We wanted people to slowly notice the changes we were making. Our project gave us something to look forward to and focus on during the quarantine.

“Our power word for this year is ‘evolve,’” Kelley said. “You have to make changes as the world changes.

“Our goal is to help people bring self-awareness to themselves and realize the need for self-care. For too long we’ve suppressed our own needs and feelings and taken care of others before also taking care of ourselves.”

Indigo Roots Co. offers wholistic, natural, and organic products such as herbal teas and accessories, coffees, and natural wholistic body products from bath salts to bamboo toothbrushes and shampoo bars.

“We think in terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness,” she said, “and offer natural body products and home products.

“We even have a dishwashing block of soap where you wet a brush, rub it on the soap block and wash your dishes. We’re trying to get back to being less wasteful.

“There are all kinds of eco-friendly products, and we want to make them available here.”

The business also carries a collection of crystals and stones for people to carry in their pockets as they set their intentions.

Beyond their merchandise, the Jacksons offer many health-related services. One of those is an ion-cleansing foot bath, which helps cleanse and detox the body through the feet.

Pulse-electro-magnetic-field therapy is available for general wellness as well as health issues. This therapy is used to give the body energy to start doing what needs to be done for the body to heal itself.

Full-spectrum light therapy is offered for pain management as well as for aesthetic purposes such as cell regeneration and repair.

An infrared sauna can also be used to get heat through every layer of tissue.

Indigo Roots also has a wellness pod, which can be used for dry-heat sauna, light therapy, aroma therapy, and offers vibration massages when a person lays on it.

“Your body gets complete benefit from several different modalities of wellness when using the pod,” Kelley explained. “It can be used for pain management, weight control, and has four different oils or blends for an aromatic effect.

An infrared sauna is also available.

“People are starting to use more aromatherapy for calming, relaxing, or stimulating effects,” she said. “There are a lot of ways to use essential oils.”

Indigo Roots even has meditation space if someone wants to meditate. (Kelley can also teach or offer guidance in meditation.) “The breathing and centering techniques alone are helpful,,” she said. “It’s good to get the mind, soul, and physical body centered.”

Speaking of the business’ new logo of a tree with many roots and branches, Kelley said, “We continue to grow; our therapists are branches, constantly growing and vital to what we’re trying to do.”

Kelley said detox baths and reflexology are great for kids as well as infant massage. However, she suggests parents check with medical providers before doing anything that affects kids physiologically.

Besides Kelly, two other therapists offer services at Indigo Roots: Ashley Taylor and Susan Kline, who is certified in not only massage but cranialsacral and myofascial therapy as well as reiki.

Amy Gingerich is operations manager for the business and takes care of the front desk. “She is my right arm. She helps me in lots of aspects of the business,” Kelley said.

Indigo Roots is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-noon. Appointments are also taken outside of those hours.