Kaden Porter and Grace Fleming were named valedictorian and salutatorian respectively of the Davis County High School graduating class of 2020. As valedictorian, Porter received the Dr. David W. Haufe Memorial scholarship; Fleming was given the Jonathan Mark Haufe Memorial scholarship, which is traditionally presented to the salutatorian.

The announcement was made online Wednesday night as the traditional Senior Awards night had to be canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions. All senior award winners were posted online at 6 p.m.

Other DCHS students honored for grade-point averages of 4.0 or above were Kolton Stremler, Luke Snyder, Sophie Spargur, Eli Bono, Stacy Wetterich, Clayton Garmon, Miles Menster and Phoebe Moore.

Honor graduates with a grade-point average of 3.0 and above were Jack Ball, Jesse Bonner, Eli Bono, Chasity Bridgeman, Chris Carlberg, Megan Clark, Aliza Collier, Jacklyn Derby, Molly Duffield, Jessica Early, William Farley, Grace Fleming, Clayton Garmon, Ashlyn Gooden, Riley Heller, Noah Hess, Caden Hill, Ariel Johnson, Allison Jones, Jacob Knobloch, Cody Kulmatycki, Kaitlynn Larrington, Brett Lough, Miles Menster, Phoebe Moore, Caleb Morrissey, Kaden Porter, Samantha Potter, Taylor Rush, Alysa Shirkey, Jadon Short, Beau Small, Luke Snyder, Sophie Spargur, Shawn Stephenson, Jeffrey Stevens, Kassidy Stremler, Kolton Stremler, Jaycee Townsend, Kaleb Wagler, Kaitlyn Wallace, Sarah Westercamp, Stacy Wetterich, Andrew Wiley, Katherine Wiley, Cammie Wuthrich, Elise Wuthrich

Seven graduates were awarded President’s Education Awards for achieving an ACT score of 26 or above and a GPA of 3.75 or above. Those students were Eli Bono, Grace Fleming, Clayton Garmon, Miles Menster, Kaden Porter, Kolton Stremler, and Stacy Wetterich.

Kaden Porter was named to the Governor’s Scholar Recognition Program, and Grace Fleming was named a Des Moines Register Academic All-State Scholar.

Students awarded National Honor Society sashes were Brett Lough, Phoebe Moore, Kaden Porter, Jessica Early, Grace Fleming, Miles Menster, Sarah Westeramp, Stacy Wetterich, Clayton Garmon, Allison Jones, Luke Snyder, Sophie Spargur, Jaycee Townsend, Kolton Stremler, and Elise Wuthrich.

Seven students were presented silver cords for their volunteer hours spent in community service: Grace Fleming, Brett Lough, Phoebe Moore, Kaden Porter, Matthew Stouthammer, Katie Wiley, and Logan Williams.

Other awards include:

Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity — Sarah Westercamp

DCHS (Formerly IBEA) Outstanding Business Education Student — Grace Fleming, Luke Snyder

Davis County Fine Arts Council Recognition — Kassidy Stremler, Kolton Stremler

Iowa Bar Association Citizen Award — Clayton Garmon

Bloomfield Optimist Teens of Month — Kaden Porter, Kolton Stremler, Stacy Wetterich, Miles Menster, Grace Fleming, Clayton Garmon, Phoebe Moore, Luke Snyder, Kassidy Stremler, Jack Ball

Optimist Club scholarships — Grace Fleming, Phoebe Moore, Miles Menster,, Luke Snyder

Optimist President’s Scholarship — Paige Frymoyer

Bloomfield Rotary Club Scholarships — Luke Snyder, Phoebe Moore

T.T.T. Chapter Q Scholarships — Katie Wiley, Aliza Collier, Molly Duffield

TADE (True Ambition Dedicated to Excellence) — Phoebe Moore

BF Carroll Izaak Walton League Scholarship — Kaden Porter, Luke Snyder

Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative Scholarship — Kaden Porter, Kassidy Stremler

Iowa Farm Bureau Scholarship — Grace Fleming

Iowa State University Christina Hixson Opportunity Award — Aliza Collier

Davis County 4-H Foundation Scholarships — Jacklyn Derby, Kaitlin Larrington, Ashlyn Gooden

Seaboard Foods Scholarship — Grace Fleming

The Grand Lodge of Iowa, A.F. & A.M. 2020 Scholarship — Kaden Porter

Community 1st Credit Union Scholarship — Grace Fleming

Pepsi “Spirit of Education” Scholarship — Kassidy Stremler

MVRBC HS Impact Award — Alysa Shirkey, Clayton Garmon

Dalton Hunter Baumann Memorial Scholarship — Caden Hill

Bloomfield Mother’s Club scholarships — Grace Fleming, Kaden Porter, Luke Snyder

Bernie Saggau Award — Miles Menster

Triple Threat Athletic Awards — Tyler Ball, Clayton Garmon, Riley Heller, Phoebe Moore, Hannah Schooley, Sophie Spargur, Kolton Stremler

Four Sport Athletic Awards — Caden Hill, Brett Lough

IHCC Welding Diplomas

 Kobe Boone, Noah Hess, Jacob Knobloch, Logan Williams

IHCC Foundation Scholarships

Seth Emmons    (Burnam Harrison - $600)

Jesse Bonner (Chris & Connie Denny - $1000)

Ashlyn Gooden (Fisher-Dematteis Family - $2000)

Jacob    Knobloch (Fisher-Dematteis Family - $2000

Paige Frymoyer (Meridian Credit Union - $1000

Brett Lough (Richard U Zollars & Jean E Zollars - $2500

Jaycee Townsend (Rosenman Academic - $3200

Taylor Rush (Southeast Iowa Donors Foundation - $1000

Katherine Wiley (Southeast Iowa Donors Foundation - $1000

Gabriel Hatcher (SUCCESS Bank - $600

Kaitlynn Larrington (Jessica Eakins Memorial Scholarship-$1200)

Paige Frymoyer (Recruiting Scholarship)

Misc. School Scholarships & Awards

Grace Fleming: Simpson Presidential, Simpson Achievement, Simpson Wesley Service Scholarships (Simpson College);

Clayton Garmon: Iowa Academic Success Scholarship, Iowa Scholars Award, Forevermore Scholarship (University of Iowa);

Riley Heller: Concordia University-St Paul University Scholarship, Football Scholarship (Concordia St Paul);

Caden Hill: Dordt ProTech Scholarship, Football Scholarship (Dordt);

Sophie Spargur: Cross Country Scholarship (Hawkeye Community College);

Kassidy Stremler: Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant, Panther Impact Award  (UNI)

Kaleb Wagler: Baseball Scholarship (Marshalltown Community College)

Sarah Westercamp: Provost Scholars Award, Dutile Scholars Award, Music Performance Scholarship (Southern Baptist University)

Stacy Wetterich: Iowa Resident Award: Forever Scholar (ISU)

Cammie Wuthrich: Mark Pearson FFA Leadership Scholarship (Kirkwood)

All Dollars for Scholars awards may be found on page ??? of this issue of the Bloomfield Democrat.