A group of around 40 bicyclists were in Bloomfield last week as part of a RAGBRAI® pre-ride across the state. Riders were checking the roads on the route as well as making stops in all towns to check on progress being made by local hosting committees.

Approximately 40 experienced bicyclists were in Bloomfield June 6 to look over the community and to check out the route that will be used by RAGBRAI® next month.

Along with their stop, RAGBRAI® officials spent some time with the local committee to discuss progress the local group is making toward the day-stop that will be in Bloomfield Thursday, July 25 of RAGBRAI® week.

Riders rode from Centerville to Fairfield Thursday, to reference the Thursday ride that will be held during the official event in late July. The “pre-ride” as they call it is to check out road conditions and to make sure the designated route is good enough to use next month. Riders arrived in Bloomfield shortly after 9 a.m. last week and met with committee members.

At this point in the planning, the deadline for vendor applications has come and gone. June 1 was the deadline. However, Committee Chairman Brian Burnam announced that local vendors can still apply for space during the one-day event and are encouraged to do so by calling Tammy Roberts at the Bloomfield Main Street Office. The vendor fee for local vendors is $50.

Burnam and the committee urged vendors to get this done soon, because along with the applications, the committee needs time to find spots for vendors to set up and those serving food will have to undergo proper inspection procedures depending on what they plan to serve.

At this point, Burnam announced that a beverage garden will be set up just off the northwest corner of the square from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., which is the designated time Bloomfield will host riders for late morning breakfast or early lunch.

The parking lot near Wagler Funeral Home has been designated for bike repair vendors as they greet riders who will be coming into Bloomfield from Highway 2 and Old Highway 2 from the west. Riders will enter Bloomfield on Jefferson Street and will leave Bloomfield on Franklin Street toward Troy and Lebanon before heading north to Fairfield for their overnight stop.

A bike rack, built from a cable strung between two tractors will be placed on Jefferson Street for riders to store their bikes while in town. Vendors will be set up mainly on the square and along the route with information booths and the Des Moines Register’s official RAGBRAI® information booth being located on the west side of the square.

RAGBRAI® officials told the committee that Iowa State Patrol officers will follow behind the riders to make sure that they start clearing out and continue on their ride by 2 p.m. that same afternoon. Any local establishment serving alcohol will be asked to stop serving alcohol at that time to help facilitate the need to keep RAGBRAI® participates moving along the route.

The committee also learned that officials from the Davis County Sheriff’s Department and the Bloomfield  Police Department are being encouraged to attend a meeting with the Iowa State Patrol in Fairfield to discuss security needs and dealing with the RAGBRAI® crowd that will be rolling through Davis County on that day.

Anyone wanting more information about the lunch stop of RAGBRAI® in Bloomfield July 25 can search RAGBRAI Bloomfield on Facebook or can also gain more information by contacting the Bloomfield Main Street office.