Rusty Sands

Rusty Sands

Rusty Sands of Unionville, Mo. was hired last week as Director of Public Works for the City of Bloomfield.

Sands, who was born in Ottumwa and lived in the Floris area for several years, previously worked for the City of Bloomfield as a lineman and head of the engine room from 2012 to 2019.

Sands said Friday he has worked in city jobs for 25 years. “I received cross training in Memphis, Mo. and Unionville, Mo., which has set me up for this position as DPW,” he said.

Sands has had experience working with contractors and engineers and looks forward to seeing Bloomfield move forward.

He also has an auction business on the side, which he describes as a hobby. “I’ve been an auctioneer since 1995 and sell everything,” he said.

Sands is looking for housing in the area and hopes to move to Bloomfield soon. His wife, Laura, and daughter, Kerbee, will move following Kerbee’s graduation from Putnam County High School in May. The couple also has another daughter, Savanah, who is a nurse in Maryville, Mo.; a son, Grant, who is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University; and a son, Matthew, who will graduate from State Technical College in Linn, Mo. in May.

Laura has tax offices in Unionville and Memphis.

“I’m really looking forward to this job,” Sands said. “I want to see Bloomfield grow and bring in more business.”