The Troy Park Board met on Nov. 25 to make a decision — disband or reorganize.

The board, which had not held a meeting in over five years, elected six new directors from Union Township and committed to once again becoming an active organization.

Regan Piper was elected president; Miranda Beebe, vice president; Mandy Walker, secretary-treasurer; and Rhonda Rodgers, Dorothy Gardner, and Phil Archer were elected to the Board of Directors.

A follow-up meeting was held on Dec. 9 at the Troy Park Building. Discussion items included an update of the financial report, membership, and updating and improving the grounds of the facility.

Piper said the primary goals at present are to reach out to contractors and bring the facilities up to date.

She invites members of the community to join the Troy Park Board and help determine the future direction of the organization.

“We look forward to having the Troy Park Board become active again,” she said. “We want to have the building become more user-friendly, and we are open to ideas on what the community would like to have. We hope to improve the outside grounds and hope to work closely with the Troy Academy and Historical Society.

“Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings,” she said, “and those who pay $25 in dues will have voting privileges. Of course, donations are also accepted.”