Humphrey and Yahnke seek re-election to county posts

Voting is underway for the General Election, and many Davis Countyans are taking advantage of the mail-in voting option during the pandemic.

Davis County Auditor Linda Humphrey said her office has mailed out 1,342 ballots upon request and 303 of those ballots have been filled out and returned.

For those who prefer to vote in person, a reduced number of polls will be open on Election Day. Voters also have the option of visiting the Auditor’s office to vote early.

Humphrey says her office has spent more time this year informing voters about the election and about absentee voting procedures because of COVID-19.

“The use of mail-in ballots has become a recommended method of voting,” Humphrey says, “but it is unfamiliar to some voters, which can make them guarded about using it.”

Humphrey reassures voters mail-in voting is secure and honest. “I like the way Secretary of State Paul Pate describes the process in the article, ‘Here’s what has Iowa election officials spooked as early voting begins,’” she said. (The article may be found as a guest column on page 5 of this issue of the Bloomfield Democrat.)

Humphrey is not only assuring voters the General Election is being conducted according to protocol in Davis County, she is also on the ballot as she seeks re-election to the position of auditor.

As auditor, Humphrey conducts voter registration and elections, keeps maps and records of property ownership, calculates property taxes, pays the county’s bills, and processes cigarette licenses and beer and liquor permits for unincorporated areas of the county.

Davis County’s auditor also acts as the clerk for the Board of Supervisors, prepares and maintains county budgets, handles county payroll and personnel matters, and prepares, maintains, and reports on county finances.

Humphrey says COVID-19 has changed the requirements for running a successful election, but her office is “trying to adjust to whatever is necessary to keep the public and ourselves safe, one day at a time.”

She says she is running for re-election because “it  is mentally challenging but personally rewarding.”

Humphrey said she is also blessed to work with really competent and fun people, and appreciates working close to home and family.

Humphrey and her husband Roger enjoy spending time with their family: two sons, two daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

“Roger and I both love attending their various school activities and sporting events,” she said.

“We also enjoy fishing and outdoor activities.”

Yahnke seeks re-election to supervisor’s post

Alan Yahnke is running for re-election as a county supervisor because he enjoys interacting with community members and helping solve problems as they arise. “Serving as supervisor gives me the opportunity to make Davis County a great place to live and work,” he said.

Yahnke finds it satisfying to balance the county’s budget while meeting the challenges of keeping taxes as low as possible and at the same time meeting the needs of Davis County citizens.

“Our most important jobs as supervisors are to maintain and improve county infrastructure, secure adequate mental health funding, and locate placement for those in need of mental health services,” he said.

Courthouse maintenance is always on the list of duties for the Board of Supervisors, and currently the supervisors are working on a plan to provide handicap accessibility to the bottom floor of the courthouse as well as refurbish the restroom facilities.

Yahnke has been farming in Davis County for 35 years. He and his wife, Melissa, have four children — Ryan, Jordan, Alyssa, and Bailea — and four grandchildren.