Images of the Past: Blacksmith shop mystery

One of the facts of life with Davis County businesses 125 years ago was that owners often moved their shops and stores to different locations—whether because of the availability of more room, nicer space, better rent, or fires. That may have been the case with the A.L. Beckley blacksmith shop in Bloomfield in the early 1900s.

The only identification with the interior photo of a blacksmith shop (above) is Guy Beckley, the man at the right. Based on family photos, it appears the man at the left is Beckley’s uncle,

A.L. Beckley, whose blacksmith shop could be seen in a photo of a fire (at right) that occurred on the southeast corner of the Bloomfield Square in April 1911. The fire was featured in Images of the Past on May 13, 2020.

While the interior photo could be at the same location shown in the fire, that is not a certainty and the interior could have been from a different location. The photo below shows the same sign for A.L. Beckley’s blacksmith shop, but the building is different from the one seen in the fire. The man in the doorway below is identified as Guy Beckley. I have been unable to determine where this second shop was located.

—Rudy Evans |