Images of the Past: Bloomfield Democrat, about 1914

Imagine the delight Cherri Casteel recently had when she opened the mail at the Davis County Historical Society and found that someone had donated a handful of century-old photographs of Bloomfield. The photos came from relatives of John Wilkinson Teed, a former Bloomfield resident and reporter for the Bloomfield Democrat. He moved to Long Beach, Calif., in 1924, where he worked on Long Beach Morning Sun and later the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

One of the photos, seen above, is the Democrat’s office at 204 S. Madison St. around 1914. The newspaper was founded Sept. 19, 1869 by T.O. Walker. The newspaper changed hands several times over the years before it was purchased by Kenneth Baldridge in December 1909 when he was 23 years old. Previously, the paper was located above Carroll’s Hardware on the south side of the town square.

So, all you people with old photos of Davis County, feel free to make Cherri’s day and surprise her at the Historical Society with a similar package. The museum’s address is 201 S. Dodge St, Bloomfield, IA 52537.  

—Rudy Evans  |