Images of the past: R.D. Andrews’ general store, 1890s

R.D. Andrews’ general store (above) was one of those businesses that served both as a place for commerce and a gathering spot for area residents in Davis County a century ago. The Andrews store opened in the latter part of the 1800s in the community that was first known as Martinsburg but later was simply Mark. Little is known about the store, other than the fact that its proprietor also served as postmaster of the Mark Post Office (located across the road to the east) for several years. A composite of an aerial photo with an 1891 plat map (below) shows the store’s location at the western edge of the “downtown.”

Judging from the number of men and boys in the photo from the 1890s, one might think the Andrews store was the precursor of the gatherings that occurred 50 years later at French’s Market or Shorty McMains’ gas station.

The store was located at the site that today is the home of Dean and Hallie Bragg on the south side of the main street through Mark.

—Rudy Evans |