This undated photo (above) shows the narrow interior of Smith Barber Shop, located at 110 S. Washington St. Barber Darrell Kerby has customer I.O. Jenkins in his chair while shop proprietor Vernon Smith looks on. You can see the coat racks, towels, bottles of hair oils and hair tonics, and the shaving mug in this high-resolution photo.

Shop patrons could stop in for a shave and a trim every two weeks and catch up on the latest news and discuss a little of this and a little of that — everything from how the Cardinals were doing, to the prospects for the year’s crops in Davis County. Smith must have discussed a little politics, too, because he served a term as mayor of Bloomfield (1950-52), followed by a long stint as Davis County treasurer (1956-70).

The barber shop was next door to Swede’s Place, the equally narrow bar that was owned by Swede Randolph (below). Together, the two establishments were located where Slick’s Bar & Grill is today on the east side of the square. (Thanks to Mike Kerby for this fine photo.)                               

—Rudy Evans  |