Images of the past: The boys of summer about 1900

This is another one of those “I can’t believe what I just found on eBay” stories. I discovered this photo of a group of baseball players that was offered on the Internet site by a seller in Arizona, as I recall. And to top it off, two of the players I recognized as first cousins of my Grandfather Evans.

The story behind the photograph is not known because there was no narrative or names written on the back (of course). I am not certain whether the players are from the same team or were members of various teams. The scorecard in front lists the results of six games the “Teachers” played — two games against Bloomfield and one game each against Stiles, Eldon, Klonduke and the Stars. It is also not known whether the Teachers were a team comprised of public school teachers or future teachers from Southern Iowa Normal. Teams from Bloomfield, Stiles and Eldon are easy to figure out, and the Klonduke and Stars were probably clubs from somewhere in the county.

What I want to know is why have your photo taken with members from other teams? The three players in the front row wearing Monterey jerseys, are they members of Klonduke or Stars or Teachers? My grandfather Eugene Evans’ first cousins were, front row far left, Will Evans and his brother, Charles W. Evans, front row far right. Will and Charles both were teachers. The remaining two ball players in the front row might be cousins, too. If anyone knows more about the photo, please contact me.

—Rudy Evans  |