Images of the past: W.F. Garrett home, Moulton

I came across these two photos while searching about the online auction website for interesting items from the Moulton area. The photos I came across these two photos of the W.F. Garrett’s residence on West Seventh Street in Moulton.

Ohio-born Wilber Franklin Garrett moved with his parents to Troy when he was less than a year old. In 1883, he received his law degree from the University of Iowa and married Jennie May Fry. For the next three years he was principal at the Troy Academy. The couple then relocated to Moulton, where he began practicing law.

A photo postcard (above) shows workers with their hawks and trowels applying a stucco finish to the house, pausing to pose for the photographer. The back of the postcard was marked with the date of Nov. 29, 1913. The second postcard (below) shows the completed Garrett home on West Seventh Street a year or two later after the other photo was made.

W.F. died in 1919. Mrs. Garrett died nine years later. In 1968, their son, Bloomfield banker, John M. Garrett, was looking for a suitable memorial to honor his parents. Moulton’s Garrett Memorial Library was the result (Images of the Past, April 7, 2021).

Ohhh, the things you can find on eBay…  

— Rudy Evans  |