Speaking of doing big things, I must commend the Bloomfield Democrat staff for pulling together to accomplish the almost impossible task of getting a paper out this week.

This fall’s inconvenient schedule, which superimposed homecoming week on top of Music Festival week, placed a lot of stress on our advertising, sports, and news departments in preparation for putting out two special sections in addition to our regular news and sports sections.

We experience those weeks once in a while where we have to grit out teeth and plunge forward to get a paper out under a terrific workload.

But this past half week has been unlike any other we have experienced.

We got word Friday that Albia (Albia Newspapers — where the Bloomfield Democrat is printed) was running short on newsprint, and due to supply chain interruptions, would not be able to get more paper until Sept. 16.

In the newspaper business, publishing a day late is an unforgivable sin. The paper had to come out — on time.

With Albia’s assistance, the Ottumwa Courier agreed to print the Bloomfield Democrat this week.

That may sound like an easy fix to the problem, but it wasn’t.

Our readers will quickly realize that this week’s Democrat looks different; it is several inches narrower than usual.

This meant that everything had to be resized. Columns made narrower, ads resized and components rearranged. Creativity and problem-solving skills had to be called upon.

While working extra hours — and remotely over the weekend — illness crept into the equation as well. Two employees each had two sick children to care for while putting in extra time.

But, you did it, staff, and I am very proud of you.

Thank you, Scott, Melissa, Laura, Michael, and Desi. You are much appreciated!