“That’s what we do in this part of the country — help each other,” said Bloomfield’s DPW Richard Wilcox, after running Bloomfield’s generators for two days to save power for SIEC to send elsewhere.

That’s the kind of attitude that makes small towns like Bloomfield special places to live.

By firing up Bloomfield’s refurbished generators, Wilcox allowed SIEC to divert power to other areas to prevent rolling blackouts.

“If we do our jobs right, then people tend to forget about utilities and that’s good,” Wilcox said. “That’s our goal for the public not to have to worry about utilities.”

The “helping each other attitude” was also evident in the actions of city and county road crews in the past two weeks as they diligently worked overtime to clear city streets and county roads — and then clear them again and again as drifting and additional snow piled up.

Firefighters and other emergency crews also deserve a special thanks for their efforts to keep the community safe at a time when equipment and firehoses freeze, roadways are slick, and sub-zero temperatures make it difficult to function outdoors.

As a community, we need to give all public servants a big thank you for all they do to get us through such crises.