I have been collecting postcards of Bloomfield and Davis County for nearly 40 years. In that time, I have spent countless hours sitting at postcard shows patiently flipping through boxes of cards, one at a time, hoping to find a previously unknown card of some local landmark. While I especially like real photo postcards, all cards interest me.

One such card I come across regularly depicts the home of Mrs. Floyd Brown (above). The card was produced in the 1950s by Curt Teich and Co. of Chicago as an advertisement for the Meredith Stone Co. of Bedford, Ind. This wonderful card was printed in full-color on a linen-finish paper from a black-and-white photo. Meredith Stone Co. produced limestone veneer for the nation’s housing boom after World War II. Plus, as the card states (below), construction plans were available for this beautiful house.

The Brown home was also featured on the front page of the June 11, 1950, Des Moines Sunday Register Home section. The article stated: “This new home at Bloomfield has radiant heating in the ceiling, with an oil furnace. The temperature difference between floor and ceiling is less than 2 degrees. The home has two bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths, living and dining rooms, kitchen and a full basement. Owner is Mrs. Frata M. Brown, widow of Floyd Brown who died while the home was under construction. Builder is M.N. Randolph, Bloomfield.”

The newspaper article included an interior photo of one of the two stone fireplaces that were constructed from the same Bedford limestone as the exterior veneer.  A double garage was connected to the house with a knotty pine breezeway.

Today, anyone driving by the Frata Brown home on the corner of West Poplar Street and North West Street can see that it still has that strong curb appeal, even though very little has changed since the house was built in 1949. Only the breezeway door’s glass sidelights seem to have been changed.

 —Rudy Evans  |  revans1953@gmail.com