Collective efforts prevent need for rolling blackouts

Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative would like to thank all of our member-owners for their efforts to conserve energy on February 16 and 17 after we were made aware by our power supplier that rolling blackouts may be necessary to address the record setting demand for electricity.

Due to the collective efforts of cooperative members across Southeast Iowa, Missouri, and Eastern Oklahoma, the need to interrupt electric service was not necessary.  

The City of Bloomfield deserves special recognition as they operated their diesel generators on both days to alleviate strain on other sources of generation across the Midwest.  Bloomfield, like other municipals with non-intermittent generation capabilities, responded to the situation in the best interest of every business and household within our community.

The City of Bloomfield Electric Distribution and Generation Departments operated the diesel generators around the clock without issue and with the utmost professionalism.

 Thank you to the City of Bloomfield and everyone that joined the collective effort to conserve energy!


Greg Proctor

SIEC General Manager

A boardwalk?

Clearly there needs to be something done with Bloomfield’s downtown square. While the majestic Courthouse continues to be the center of attraction the rest of the area is in need of renovation.

Oh, we can pour new concrete sidewalks, like everyone else. No edge there. But, we don’t need a repair, we need a renaissance! Why not a BOARDWALK? Think about it! We would be UNIQUE in all of Iowa. We would become known. It would draw people, customers, money, to our community to walk around the square and look at our courthouse (instead of jumping out of the car on highway 63 to take a quick picture)   And it would be AUTHENTIC, consistent with our historic district.

 Before you go all Davis County negative, read the next couple of weeks letters here to get a more detailed,  bigger, clearer picture of what we could be, who we could become! Then decide!

John D Schroeder