Good recalls Ernst’s response to plea for drought assistance

“If I help your county, other counties will want help too.”

That was the response Senator Joni Ernst gave me when I presented a petition to her with 410 signatures.

The petition was asking for livestock forage assistance that we should have qualified for because of the severe drought of 2017.

Wapello County producers received four months’ worth of assistance and Davis County producers received only one month, even though I could prove our rainfall in Davis County totaled less than in Wapello County.

When I asked FSA and USDA officials in Des Moines and Washington, D.C. why this happened, they said their hands were tied because of the way the drought monitor authors had drawn a line between Davis County and Wapello County determining our drought status.

Every person I talked with said the only hope to change this was to get help from our politicians.

State Representative Phil Miller went to Washington, D.C. and tried to get us help.

You read what Senator Ernst, who is a member of the Senate Ag Committee, said.

Nothing happened, and we did not receive any additional funds for the 2017 drought.

Thanks to Phil Miller, our state climatologist Dr. Justin Glisan, and the many CoCoRaHS reporters in Davis County, this should not happen again.

Ed Good

Davis County Livestock Producer

Post impeachment

Sycophant Mitch, as well as his sycophant Republican Senators freed this president from any and all charges against him during the Impeachment process. In doing so, their President felt free to do as he wished and they became complicit in his decisions and actions.

This Presidential super spreader is now a victim of COVID and is being medicated. One of those medications is a steroid.

The steroid drug family contains brain/mind-altering components.

Who within Mitch’s realm is going to step in and say “NO!” If this steroid induced euphoric brain declares war somewhere?

Beverly Spurgeon