Classrooms or Battle Stations?

I have viewed the same WHO TV reporting on the war-like situation in our schools as well described by Randy Evans.

Iowa schools had, for many years been ranked number two in the nation for number of high school students who graduated. Iowa is now ranked number 42.

Where are the parents of these highly disruptive and dangerous pupils? It does in actuality, stem from the lack of parental involvement.

Where are the school’s superintendents and principals? Where are the school board members?

I realize my school years would be classified now, as “pre-historic” but this type of dangerous behavior would have caused the pupil to be expelled from school and school property until the parents had asserted their responsibility and control of the pupil.

These above climactic situations many actually have a long and lasting effect on this country’s national security.

In 2018 the Pentagon shared that it hoped to sign up 86,000 new recruits. It missed that target by 72,000 or so.

Potential recruits were so poorly educated they were unable to pass the IQ tests.

Applicants also were not only obese but lacked the muscular strength to perform the physical tests.

Many applicants who were able to pass the above listings couldn’t sign their name due to the fact that the scholastic decision makers had given the thumbs-down on teaching cursive penmanship and the recruits were unable to sign the required documents.

How does Iowa or any other state redeem itself when it appears no one is in charge? How can teachers be expected to stay under these situations?

Beverly Spurgeon