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The Bloomfield Democrat has been proudly serving Davis County, Iowa since 1869. Thousands of readers in the area, as well as former residents all over the country, look forward to receiving news, sports, features, opinion pages and advertising in the weekly issue of their newspaper.

Official Newspaper

The Bloomfield Democrat is the official newspaper for Davis County, the cities of Bloomfield and Pulaski, and the Davis County Community School District. Legal notices for the above entities and others are published in The Bloomfield Democrat.


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Sixty years ago, the Bloomfield Lockers was located on the ground floor of the IOOF building (above). The faded wall sign painted on the brick above the entry reminded passersby that N.S. Johnson’s grocery store had occupied the space for a number of decades.

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Homecoming is an activity that should be fun for everyone and should be a time of celebration—not just for the current students but for the community and Davis County alumni that come back each year. Homecoming is a time for everyone to celebrate the local school district and show their scho…

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