The Mustang boys’ tennis team won three matches April 29 as they traveled to Clarke of Osceola for a meet. The Mustangs won three of the singles matches, but Clarke finished out the night with a 6-3 overall team win.

Dean Bragg won his first match of the season with a 10-4 win over Clarke’s McCormick Evank. Bragg dominated most of the match and held off Evank in the end for the victory.

Syrus Benge also scored a singles win for the Mustangs in the number five singles match. He faced Andrew Johnson. Johnson did score some game wins, but Benge ended the night with a 10-5 victory.  

Clayton McFarland suffered a 10-1 loss to John Reynoldson in the number one singles match. Jaxson Lee moved up to the number two spot and faced Chris Carson in that match. Carson beat Lee 10-4.

Cayler Wuthrich suffered a 10-4 loss to Clayton Abbas in the number four singles match. Jordan Twedt also lost a 10-4 match to Clarke’s RJ McCoy in the final singles match of the night.

Lee and Bragg took on Reynoldson and Carson in the number one singles match and suffered a 10-0 loss. McFarland and Wuthrich teamed up to play in the number two match. They faced off against Evank and Abbas and won a 10-0 match.

Benge and Twedt faced Johnson and McCoy in the final match of the night and lost 10-6.

“Clarke gave us a competitive meet tonight. We fought hard but lost 6-3 in the end,” said Coach Joel Brus.