The Mustang boys’ bowling team suffered a dual meet loss to Burlington Jan. 8. The Mustangs traveled to Burlington for this meet and suffered the loss by 426 pins. Burlington rolled a 2,997 team score while Davis County finished with a team score of 2,571.

The girls’ also competed in the dual meet and lost by a close margin. Burlington finished with a team score of 1,994 while Davis County rolled 1,832.

Noah Hamm paced Davis County in the first game with a 204. Wyatt McClure rolled a 183. James McNary rolled a 181. Drew Summers rolled a 170. Nivek Link rolled a 123 and Cameren Jackson rolled a 117.

In the second game, McClure took control with a 213. He finished with a 396 series to lead the Mustangs. Hamm rolled a 149 for a 353 series. McNary finished with a 149 to gain a 330 series. Summers rolled a 152 for a 322 series. Jackson finished with a 290 series after rolling a 173 in his second game. Link rolled a 143 to finish with a 266 series.

Davis County trailed 2,252 to 1,957 after the individual bowling was complete. During the Baker games, Davis County rolled games of 173, 148, 171, 199 and 189 for a total of 880 and a final score of 2,571. Burlington finished with Baker game scores of 161, 203, 214, 258 and 196 for a Baker game total of 1,032 and a total team score of 2,997.

In the girls, competition, Kelsey Rook led the effort with a 324. Rook finished with games of 168 and 156. Kodi Pearson finished with a 253 series after rolling games of 121 and 132. Aubrey Bachman rolled a 177 and 120 for a 237 series. Hallie Pearson finished with a 206 series after bowling games of 104 and 102. Olivia Doxtator finished with a 174 after rolling games of 105 and 69. Sky Miller rolled games of 68 and 82 for a 150 series.

Davis County finished with a score of 1,344 after the individual competition and trailed Burlington who rolled a 1,555.

Davis County bowled Baker game scores of 121, 109, 142, 119 and 147 for a Baker game total of 638 and a team score of 1,832. Burlington rolled Baker game scores of 114, 110, 124, 140 and 136 for a 624 and a team score of 1,994.

“This was the first time the Mustangs competed at KingPin Lanes in Burlington. A few of the bowlers figured out the oil pattern early and scored well during individual games,” said Coach Jason Rook. As we continue to focus on picking up spares and working together as a team to score well together during Baker Games, the boys did post their highest set of Baker games. The girls posted their second highest set of the season.”