The Mustang cross country teams dominated the competition at home last week as both teams won the Lake Fisher Invitational on Sept. 9. The girls team beat Pella Christian by 16 points while the boys’ team held off Pella Christian for a four-point victory.

Carson Shively paced the boys’ field of runners with his victory in convincing fashion. Shively secured a big lead early as the field of runners pulled away from the start line. Shively never looked back and didn’t need to because the rest of the runners just couldn’t keep up with his pace in this race.

Shively ran this Lake Fisher Course in 17:20.31. His time was 1:19 faster than his teammate Brody Humphrey who ended up with the second-place spot in the individual standings.

Humphrey also ran a solid race and managed to close the gap on Shively as the race progressed. His time was 18:49.49.

Davis County’s Mark Shirley and Aaron Cook also finished in the top 10 helping Davis County to keep its score low. Shirley finished fourth overall. he finished in a time of 19:06.60. Cook turned in a ninth place finish with his time of 19:44.69.

Michah Carroll was the fifth Mustang to cross the finish line. He just missed the top 10 after turning in an 11th- place performance. He clocked a time of 20:37.23.

Taylor Huggins led another group of mustang runners to the finish line in this race. Several Davis County runners were grouped together and managed to hold off opponents for much of the race. Huggins finished 13th overall with a time of 20;53.18. Drake Hamm finished 14th with his time of 20:53.72. Chandler Bachman was 15th with a time of 21:00.63. Sutton Shively wasn’t far behind. He finished 21st with a time of 22:19.54.

Daniel Oliver was 23rd overall. His time was 22:29.08 at the finish line. Gabe Gerritson finished 30th with a time of 23:33.52. Max McCoy was 33rd with a time of 24:00.70. Landon Fetcho, John Erp and Kaison Heemsbergen finished 35-37. Fetcho’s time was 24:16.19. Erp finished in 25:18.08 and Heemsbergen finished in 25:18.39. Gavin Klaus finished 50th overall with his time of 29:04.98.

“Carson went out and led in a huge way. We need to work on his final mile in going forward this season. Brody Humphrey and Mark Shirley are coming right along and will need to be in peak condition by conference time. They are really working hard in practice to do this,” said Coach Josh Husted. “It is great to capture the championship. Micah Carroll also has been making a stronger presence in each meet. I look for him to do some big things in the upcoming races.”

Macy Hill led the Lady Mustangs in this race and paced the field of runners during the early stages of the running. Hill battled with a Pella Christian runner to keep that top spot for much of the race. In the end, Pella Christian’s Joselyn Terpstra secured the win with a time of 21:46.24.

Hill settled for second place overall, which is still an excellent performance considering this wasn’t necessarily an easy course to run. Hill finished in 22:06.67.

Addison Stuchel finished fifth overall and had a time of 22:34.78. Karston Nebel kept the scoring low with a sixth- place finish. She clocked a time of 23:15.62.

Makayla Bachman finished eighth overall and helped Davis County secure four top 10 placings in the meet. Her time was 23:31.32. Cassidy VanLaningham and Alyvia Van Maanen finished 13th and 14th respectively. VanLaningham clocked a time of 24:34.21. Van Maanen’s time was 24:37.65.

Sadie Spargur finished 18th with her time of 25:32.14. Alyssa Rudd finished 24th with a time of 26:12.09. Jada Will was 25th with her time of 26:18.06. Lydia Morrissey finished 31st with a time of 28:00.74. Kelsey Rook’s time of 28:31.91 secured her the 32nd spot. Leah Rudd finished 35th with her time of 32:19.26. Nicole Derby’s time of 33:12. 17 was good enough for 36th place. Elizabeth Maule finished 38th with her time of 33:41.39.

“I am happy with the progress that the girls are making. Under Macy Hill’s leadership, her team became very competitive for a solid victory over competition. I felt that we are starting to see the necessary improvements in our three through seven athletes,” said Husted.

“Makayla Bachman and Cassidy VanLaningham each had outstanding races. It is also great to see Addison Stuchel have so much determination to follow the head pack. Sadie Spargur has shown that she really wants that number seven spot on the varsity roster. This is the second meet in a row that she has ran in that position,” he said.

“Our groups competed very well on a very tough, relentless course. I was happy to see both the boys’ and girls’ teams go out and give it their all for the win. I am still seeing those gaps that we need to close. We are heading into a large meet at Oskaloosa next week and it will be crucial to close in with our fellow teammates.”

Boys team results—1. Davis County, 26; 2. Pella Christian, 30; 3. Moravia, 97 and 4. PCM, 100.

Girls team results—1. Davis County, 31; 2. Pella Christian, 47 and 3. PCM, 49.